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Rated: E · Short Story · Other · #2250774
A villain kidnaps a hero's sidekick only to find the hero has been mistreating them...
Author's Note:

This is a little thing I recently unearthed from an oldish notebook, it's apparently based on a writing prompt I must've seen on Pinterest somewhere.

Written April, 6, 2020

Prompt: "A villain kidnaps the hero's sidekick only to realize the hero has been badly mistreating them, so the villain decides tp take the sidekick under their wing."

         All was quiet in the lair of the notorious villain known as Light Charmer. It usually was in the morning.

Nobody ever came down to the old, abandoned subway systems anymore, let alone live in it, so really, it shouldn't have surprised Serenade all that much. But, for someone who'd spent most of their life in the hustle and bustle of the city, the true and deafening quiet down here was a bit of a culture shock.

Serenade often found himself wondering, why here of all places? With a name like 'Light Charmer', one would think such a person's lair and living space would be grandiose and bright to the point of blinding, but in reality it was quite the opposite. The lair was dark, still, and quiet, the few lights that were around were dim and old fashioned, additionally, Serenade had begun to notice that Light Charmer didn't actually use them all that often, there had been more times than Serenade could count where he'd woken to the sound of Light Charmer moving about the lair completely in the dark.

There wasn't much to do down here except think and wander around in the dark. Certainly, Serenade could attempt to access Light Charmer's devices, he could try to find a way to escape. Honestly though, Serenade didn't really want to, antsy as he was getting, he didn't want to go back. It's not like he was going to be missed anyways.

Light Charmer was a gracious host, or a generous captor, depending on how you wanted to look at things, and Serenade was nothing if not polite. Generosity and kindness should always be met with gratitude.

Serenade shook himself out of his thoughts as he realized he'd been standing in front of the empty coffee maker for almost twenty minutes. That was one of the downsides of the quiet, it left him too much time to get lost in his thoughts.

Looking at the clock on the stove, he noted that it was almost seven thirty, Light Charmer should be getting back soon. Whether or not that clock was at all accurate, Serenade had no way of knowing, but it was something he could measure time by and it hadn't failed him yet.

Going about the morning routine had become second nature as of late, ever since Light Charmer let him roam about the lair freely. It had started out as just something to do but now it's become routine, Serenade reflected as he filled the coffee maker with water and coffee grounds mixed with cocoa powder. He makes coffee for himself and tea for Light Charmer.

The kettle had just boiled when the tell tale bang of the lair door swinging open and slamming against the wall echoed down the hall and throughout the rest of the lair, announcing the return of the nefarious Light Charmer.

There was a fair amount of swearing this morning which usually meant Light Charmer's latest plan hadn't quite gone his way.

Something could be said about the way Serenade could guess Light Charmer's mood just by the way he opened the door, but Serenade chose not to dwell on that as he poured the hot water into Light Charmer's insulated metal mug that said 'Villain of the Year Award' on one side and 'Villain Con' on the other.

Serenade was browsing through Light Charmer's tea box when the man himself came trudging through the kitchen, beelining for the shower, he was covered - platinum blond head to white booted toe - in green and yellow slime.

It's probably a credit to Serenade's own work experience that he didn't immediately burst out laughing despite the comedic sight.

"Run in with The Sludge, huh?"

Light Charmer just grumbles, nonsensically, probably more to himself than to Serenade, before slamming the bathroom door shut.

A small amused smile twitched at the corner of Serenade's lips as he returned his attention to the tea box.

The bathroom door opened a crack and an annoyed "I saw that!" was heard over the shower before the door was shut again.

Serenade couldn't help the little chuckle that left him. So not too moody, he thought to himself as he reconsidered the rooibos tea he'd been about the make and chose Light Charmer's favourite lemon zinger tea instead. He wanted to boost what little good mood was left in the man, rooibos is for that broody, inconsolable mood Light Charmer was sometimes prone to when his plans didn't go his way. Today mustn't have been terrible, so lemon it was.

Serenade plopped the tea bag in, added a tablespoon of honey, stirred a couple times, then he placed a plate on top and put the mug on the kitchen island to wait.

Light Charmer had a sweet tooth, surprisingly enough, while Serenade didn't usually like sweet things, as was evident in how he made his coffee; black, straight from the coffee maker into his cup with a sprinkle of cinnamon to compliment the hint of cocoa.

It was almost domestic, this situation he'd found himself in, Serenade mused as he wandered about Light Charmer's library of old fashioned books. Despite the dark and the quiet, Serenade found that he couldn't imagine his life any other way that wasn't down here with his bitter coffee and the domesticity between him and Light Charmer. It was preferable to what his life had been before. A villain's 'housewife' has it better than a superhero's sidekick after all.

If there was a little note with a heart drawn on it next to Light Charmer's tea that caused him to blush when he got out of the shower, well, that's a secret between Serenade and the quiet dark of the old subway system.
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