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Two young californians find themselves in a strange otherworldly forest
Rhythms and Writing: Official WDC Contest - July 2022
Word Count: 1,340

Ragnarok Genesis: Alturia, The Unyielding City #1

         I can't do this Kai-Ann, if we do this... people are going to die," said Jinn over the phone.

          "It's okay baby, Where are you?" she asked.

          "I'm at your apartment, in the driveway. I don't care where. New York. Portland. Austin. I don't care, we just need to get out of Anaheim, and away from your crazy father. Lets just get in the car and drive."

          "I hear you babe, I'm almost there," responded Kai-Ann before she hung up the phone.

An hour passed, Jinn paced, worried and perspired next to the red sedan parked in front of Kai-Ann's apartment. A black SUV pulled around the curb. Jinn saw the license plate, "BADMFKR" and he froze. The SUV pulled up to the driveway.

          "Jinn," said the rough and burly forty-five year old, as he came out of the SUV. Tano, his right hand man was also with him.

          "H-Hey Mr. Garcia. What are you doing here?"

Suddenly, the rear door of the SUV swung open, and SHE stepped out. Kai-Ann Garcia, her bright eyes moving innocently, like a cobra until they met Jinn's.

          Jinn flinched. "Kai-Ann?"

          "Hi baby, I'm sorry I took so long to get here, how about we go inside and talk this out."

          "Kai-Ann, you brought your father?"

          "I ain't got time for all this," said Gamaul Garcia. He raised his shirt so Jinn could see the gun tucked into his waist. "You know what happened to Garry, I've been waiting on a score like this for a long time, and if you mess this up for me. Well, let's just say you won't be regretting it for very long."

          "I-I," stuttered Jinn, his eyes darting between Kai-Ann and Gamaul.

          "Come on baby, you're our inside man, we can't do this without you," said Kai-Ann. The twenty-two year old walked over and hugged him, tiptoeing so she could cup his face as she kissed him on the cheek.

         Jinn's eyes bulged. "Is this what it's been about for you this whole time? Were you just using me cause you need me for this heist?!"

          "Keep your voice down," said Gamaul, "you want the who-"

The ground shook and everyone stumbled.

          "Earth-Earthquake!" Yelled Kai-Ann.

The sky trembled and the earth shook. This was the beginning of it all, Ragnarök Genesis. Lightning crackled as the ground spilt, screams of horror echoed as the Midgardians fell into the void, into gygungagap.

Thump. Whoosh."Ouch," groaned Jinn as he tumbled down the hill. He finally came to a stop against the thick trunk of a Marnella tree. "Argh," he groaned as he got up.

         Jinn looked around with a raised eye brow. "What is this?" He said to himself, confused by the countless trees he saw in every direction. "Where am I?"


Jinn spun around.

          "Oh Jinn! Thank God it's you," said Kai-Ann stumbling out from behind a tree. "What's going on?! Where are we?!" She screamed with twigs and leaves jutting from her messy brown hair.

          "I have no idea, but could you stop screaming?" Jinn ran his fingers through his short brown hair, "uh, the last thing I remember, we were in the drive-" Jinn looked around, "Wait, where's your father?"

          "I don't know, I haven't seen him. Only you," said Kai-Ann looking down at the evergreen brush of the forest floor. "So. what do we do now?"

         "We? A part of me just wants to leave you here and run away."

          "How could you say that," said Kai-Ann while picking the twigs from her short black hair. "After all we've been through? You're just going to throw it all away?"

         "You did that when you told your father that I wanted out of his crazy plan. I always wondered how a plain looking guy like me could be so lucky. How'd I find myself with such a cute girl. But now I know, you just needed me to get into the bank."

         "Jinn, you know how I feel about you, you know that I love you," said Kai-Ann as she moved her small frame over to him. "I only told my father because I knew that if you didn't rob that bank, you would've regretted it for the rest of your life. I know you don't want to end up like your father. Having to watch the woman you love die because you can't afford to pay for her treatment."

          "You leave my mother out of this! That's-What's that behind you!" Jinn screamed as the effervescent creature leapt down from a tree behind Kai-Ann.

Kai-Ann turned around.


          "Oh my God, that's so cuteee."

The strange cat-like creature seemed luminescent even under the afternoon sun. A combination of jet black and flaming red fur ran along its back down to its tail while the brightest neon green you've ever seen glowing along its under belly and from its small feline eyes.

          "Cute?! What kind of animal looks like that, it's almost like it's fur is made of light. Is it a cat?!" Shouted Jinn while staying firmly behind Kai-Ann who was inching closer and closer to the creature.

          "Shh!" Urged Kai-Ann. "I don't know, I've definitely never seen a cat that looks like this," she whispered.

          "Hey Kai-Ann, do you think we were abducted?"


          "Yeah, by aliens. Because how did we get here? And what is that creature?" Pondered Jinn out loud.

Kai-Ann inched closer and closer.

         "Do you think that is a good idea?" Jinn asked her.

         "Meeooow," the creature screeched and leapt into Kai-Ann's arms.

         "There we go-" started Kai-Ann.

Snap. They both turned. A chill ran down their spine.


Drool spat from its mouth, it's dark leopard spots seemed to vibrate about its grey hide as it released the frightening roar. The massive grizzly bear creature bound for Kai-Ann.

         "Ahhhhh!" She screamed and fell to her knees, clutching the feline creature in her arms that was now struggling to get away from her.

Twack. Jinn hit it square in the face with a rock the size of his fist. The creature stopped, it looked at him and snarled a snarl that could've killed a man with a weaker heart.

         "Oh oh oh, why Jinn, why'd you do that," Jinn pleaded to himself as the baksha charged towards him. Despair covered his face as he turned to run away, knowing that this was how he was going to die. On an alien planet, mauled by some off color bear.

He barely ran a few feet before he heard the massive paws crushing the underbrush behind him. Closer and closer... whump, his foot caught in a vine, the taste of dirt spreading to every corner of his mouth. He looked up. Inches from his face, a pair of green leather boots, thick brown pants and a tight strapped leather jacket. Thin blonde hair flowed from the top of his head down to his chest, interrupted only by the sharp points of his ears. The baksha charged at them. The elf leapt into the air, twisting his body three hundred and sixty decrees.

          "Arcane Magic, Zaheer's Lance!" Yelled the elf as the wind lance manifested from his right palm. He sent it hurling towards the baksha, piercing through its thick hide. The beast collapsed, blood oozing from the gaping hole left through its body.

          "Jinn!" Screamed Kai-Ann, as she ran towards him.

          "Argh," groaned the elf as he collapsed to the forest floor.

Jinn knelt down beside him. Now looking at him closely, Jinn realized his leather jacket was covered in blood and his breathing was heavy, too heavy.

          "Are you okay?" Asked Kai-Ann as she came up behind him.

          "Yea, I survived, thanks to this guy."

          "Who is he?"

         "I have no idea," said Jinn staring at his pointy ears, "but wherever we are, think it's safe to say we're not on earth anymore."


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Alturia, The Unyeilding City #2

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