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know when to hold 'em, to fold, and know when to walk away
When loving you is destroying me then I have to go.
When loving you hurts so bad I can hardly think or breathe
It's time for me to bid you a due because loving you is destroying me.
No matter what your mouth is saying love should never hurt this bad.
No matter what you are telling me I know within myself that you are slowly killing me.
I tried to hold'em that hasn't worked.
I tried to fold and that just made you attack the more.
Loving you is destroying me so I have to go.
The last resort is just to walk away.
You are dysfunctional so therefore you can't love me properly.
You may want to love me right however you cannot.
Love is what the bible says it is so all other love is false.
I no longer am willing to accept a false love.
I want a love that's like the creator's love.
There are other loves but his is perfect and complete.
Man's love can never be completely perfect it just can't.
However with Christ within it can be close, however, he has to be within you.
This false love between you and me just has to stop.
No one is perfect true however that is not an excuse for your abuse.
Loving you is destroying me so see ya later alligator
Me being a smart-alec in case you can't take the hint with the
See you later alligator it's time for me to quit, the nit-wits.
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