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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Entertainment · #2250819
Boy wears his first bikini Chapters 1-3
This story was not originally mine but i did change the names,

The original can be found here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/missjames64.wordpress.com/2010/10/03/8/amp/

Thanks and enjoy!!

My First Bikini
By Cerah Price

Chapter one

Hi my name is Jordan and I am 15 years old. I grew up in Portland Oregon living with my mom and my twin sister Taylor. Our Dad left when we were both small leaving our Mom to take care of us. She worked two jobs most of her life to make sure we always had a roof over our heads and food to eat and most of all love. Our mom had been great. Growing up my sister and I were really close. She was always more of a tom boy and preferred to play with my friends then the other little girls in the neighborhood. Taylor was my best friend but when we got to the eighth floor grade she suddenly almost overnight became feminine. She started to wear makeup and dresses and no longer wanted to do all the tom boy things we had enjoyed all these years. For the next year we still stayed close but not like before. I really missed my sister. By the time we were 15 the difference between us was unmistakable. Although we were still the same size Taylor had filled out and was a beautiful young lady. Taylor spent her time now doing her nails and reading fashion magazines. I missed the long talks we had. Neither one of us had a lot of friends but even with that the closeness we shared had faded away
I remember my ninth grade year. It was mid April when mom sat Taylor and me down to talk to us. My mom who was a beautiful woman and very feminine in her own right (which is why I think my sister suddenly changed) was 32 years old. She had gotten pregnant with us when she was only 16 and her and my dad married while they were still in high school. She had been working nights in a local lounge for the past several years had closed and she had been laid off. Mom told us she would find a new job. She told us everything would be okay although I could see in her eyes she was scared. Her family had disowned her when she had gotten pregnant and she was a proud woman that didn’t want any handouts. The only family that even talked to her was her one sister in Las Vegas and even that was just Christmas cards and maybe a birthday card. For the next couple weeks she looked for work but was not having any luck. The job market in Portland was really bad and lots of people were looking for work. It was mid May when mom finally called her Sister Jessica. Jessica was a nurse in a big hospital in Las Vegas. She had got her nursing training in the army. She didn’t know what she was going to say as they had not spoken to each other for more than ten years. Mom started off just asking how she was and did not go into any details about our lives and the hard time we were going through. It turned out her sister had been divorced a couple months back. My mom told her how sorry she was to hear of the divorce. Mom listened to Jessica for over an hour, I guess Jessica really needed to talk and my mom didn’t feel it was right to ask her for help when she was dealing with her own problems. This jester seemed to go a long way and bring them closer. Jessica thanked her for calling and promised she would keep in touch. Mom hung up and gave us a hug and told us it would be okay but she couldn’t ask Aunt Jessica for help right now.

A couple days later Aunt Jessica called back and talked to mom again. She thanked mom for listening and told her she had thought about calling her many time be just somehow couldn’t. Mom said the same. Then Aunt Jessica told her she was sorry she had not let mom tell her why she had called and asked what was up. Mom just told her it was nothing and she should concentrate on her own life. Jessica thanked her but said she really missed sharing their live. When they were growing up they were as close as Taylor and I so Mom went ahead and told Jessica about her losing her job and not being able to find a new one. Jessica was more than sympathetic she told mom that the job market in Las Vegas was really good and she would have no trouble finding a job. Mom thanked her but declined the offer as I said mom was proud.

The next day Aunt Jessica called back and talked to mom. She told her that a friend of hers worked in a casino and they were looking for some cocktail waitresses. She had told her about Mom and she told Jessica to have mom call her. Mom was not sure she could move right now. Jessica then told mom she also needed a favor. Seams her army reserve unit was doing their three week training and she would be gone for a little over three weeks. She thought Mom could stay in her house and keep an eye on it while she was gone. We could stay there for free as long as we took care of it for her. Plus when she got back we could stay till mom could find a place so they could get to know each other again and be sisters. She told mom she had a big house the one thing she got out of the divorce and it was way too big for just one person. Mom told her she would talk to us and give her a call back.
Mom told us about the offer and asked what we thought. I could see in her eyes she was not really excited about the idea as she had lived in Portland all her life plus I think she didn’t want us to feel pressured into moving. I thought for a moment but Taylor didn’t need any time to think. She loved the idea of moving to Las Vegas. She had never liked the weather in Portland as it rained too much. She really like the sun and whenever she could she would be laying out sun bathing in one of her many bikinis. She told mom we should move right away. I wasn’t as sure but I thought to myself if we moved we wouldn’t know anyone there and maybe Taylor and I could become closer like we were when we were small so I also told mom I thought the idea was good plus on top of it we would be living in a nice house instead of a small apartment. Mom thought for a moment and then said she agreed but only after school was out. She went into the other room to call Aunt Jessica. Taylor and I talked for a while and I gave Taylor a hug and told her I never wanted to let what happened to mom and Aunt Jessica happen to us that no matter what, we would always be brother and sister. Taylor smiled and told me nothing could ever come between us. I went to bed feeling a lot better. The next few weeks went by fast as we prepared for our move. School would be out on June 5th and on June 6th we would leave and drive to Las Vegas the drive would take two days so we would be in Las Vegas on June 8th which would give us two days before Aunt Jessica shipped out on June 10th. Taylor and I were excited as we had never met Aunt Jessica.
We got to Las Vegas and we were all tired but when we met our Aunt we were so excited. You could tell she and mom were sisters but Jessica was two years younger than mom. We sat and talked for several hours till Taylor and I fell asleep. Mom and Jessica sat up most of the night talking. It seemed that it was a lot easier than they thought to put things behind. It was as though the last 16 years had never happened. The next day I could tell mom was sad that Aunt Jessica would be gone for a three weeks. Taylor and I looked around the house and there in the back yard was a pool with a big deck. Taylor and I went out to the pool. Taylor was so happy the weather was warm and in the 80’s and she had a pool to swim in and she could lay out in the sun. She looked around and the yard had trees all around the edge giving the back yard total privacy, she got a funny look on her face. She gave me a hug and then said she could even sun bathe topples as no one could see her in the backyard of course only when mom and I were gone.
Aunt Jessica and mom came out and told us we needed to be going. Aunt Jessica took us around Las Vegas and showed us where things were. There was a shopping mall about five blocks away which made Taylor happy. Aunt Jessica dropped mom off at the Wynn casino for her interview and then took us out for lunch. She was truly happy to get to know her niece and nephew. We had a great time with our Aunt and wanted to spend more time with her by ourselves but we had to go back and pick mom up. Mom was so excited she had got the job and would be working the day shift to start, 9 am to 5 pm with Sunday Monday off so she would be home in the evening with us. She thanked her sister as it was Aunt Jessica who had helped her get the job. The next Day Wednesday we took Aunt Jessica to the airport and she left. We said our goodbyes at the airport and then went back to the house. Mom fixed us lunch and we sat and ate. We sat at the table for over an hour just talking about the move and Aunt Jessica, I could tell mom was glad they had made up and were talking again. Mom asked what we wanted to do the rest of the day and Taylor without hesitation said she wanted to go swimming in the pool. I asked mom if we could go buy me a swimming suit sense I didn’t have one. She told me as soon as she got her first pay check we would both go and buy swimming suits so we could also use the pool. Taylor almost ran upstairs to her room to get changed.
Taylor came down stairs wearing a hot pink bikini that was oh so small. There was almost nothing on her. In one arm she had her towel and the other arm held her other bikini. She walked up to mom and said I have a couple older swim suits you can use if you want to go swimming. Our mom even though she was 32 years old she looked much younger and was basically the same size as Taylor just a little more up top. Mom took the swim suits and thanked her. Mom set them on the table one was a hot pink almost identical to the one Taylor was wearing, don’t ask me why she had two basically the same. The other was a pale pink and both were just as skimpy as the one she was wearing. Mom looked at me and said she would let me choose first. I just looked at her for a moment as I must have misunderstood her. Again she asked which one I wanted. I finally spoke up I can’t wear a bikini I am a boy. Taylor looked at me they are just swim suits and no one will see you it will be fun to go swimming. Mom added you don’t have to wear the whole bikini just the bottoms. I looked at them and said no thanks. Taylor said suit yourself and walked out the back door. Mom took the suits into the bathroom to change. I followed Taylor out the back door to the pool. A few minutes later mom came out wearing the pale pink bikini. As she passed by me she gave me a hug and said she had left the other suit in the bathroom if I change my mind. I watched her get in the pool with Taylor. The two of them looked more like sisters then mom and daughter. And both looked good in their bikinis I could tell that these swim suits were meant to catch men’s attention. I sat there for a few minutes but felt a little strange watching my sister and mom in their bikinis so I went back into the house and watched some TV. My Aunt has cable with all the channels. Taylor and mom stayed outside for a couple hours. Each did come in once and ask if I had changed my mind and wanted to join them but I pretended not to hear them. We went to bed about 9 pm as it had been a long day and mom wanted a good night sleep before she started her new job.
That night while I was sleeping I dreamed I was swimming with my mom and sister and had on the hot pink bikini. I would start off just wearing the bottoms but somehow I always ended up wearing both pieces. The next morning I was troubled by my dream but didn’t want to tell either of them about it. Mom made us breakfast and we sat and ate while we talked. That is the one strong point in our family we all talk to each other about everything, well except for my dream. Mom asked what Taylor and I were going to do today while she was at work. Taylor said she wanted to walk down and check out the mall. Mom said that sounded like fun and asked if I was going with her. I said no sense we had no money we couldn’t buy anything. Taylor said we can just look around. I decided to stay home so mom said she would drop Taylor off at the mall on her way to work. The two of them left and I cleaned up the dishes from breakfast.
As I stood there at the sink washing the dishes I looked out the window at the pool and suddenly the thought of me in the pool wearing the bikini popped into my head and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. After I was done I walked into the bathroom and there on the hook was the bikini Taylor wore last night and right behind it was the one mom had worn and behind that was the one they said I could wear. This was stupid I thought and turned to walk away. I only took two steps and then stopped. I was all by myself; nobody would see me or even know. I could at least try on the bottoms and see how they looked. I thought a few more moments and then took Taylor and moms bikinis off the hook and set them on the counter. I pulled the bottom part of the bikini off the hook and looked closely at it. It was very beautiful and the material it was made of was so soft. Why not I thought so I stripped off my close and slid the bottoms up my legs. The feeling was nice and a little strange as a boy should not be wearing this. They were very tight and very small. They had a little V shape front and back with a string on both sides that connected them around the waist. The gap between them on the sides of my hip was almost 4″ inches. I felt a little stupid but at the same time it was a thrill to wear something so feminine. I looked in the mirror and I did look strange, the bottoms just didn’t look right. I was about to take it off when I saw the top still on the hook. I took it off and looked at it. It had two little V shaped pieces of material that went over the breast and a string tie that went around the back and little string loop that went up around the neck and back down. I thought for a moment how stupid this was but I was curious after my dream last night to see how I looked and I may never get a better chance so I slipped the loop over my head and then reached behind me to tie it on. This was harder then it seemed as I have never had to tie something behind my back. I looked in the mirror and the top made a difference. I looked better. I guess the bikini was meant to be worn together. I knew I should have hated it but for some reason I kind of like the way it fit and looked.
I decided I would go out to the pool and swim. The walk out was strange I kept thinking to myself what if someone saw me, what would Taylor or mom say. I got into the pool and swam around for a while. Once I was in I forgot about what I was wearing till I would get out of the water to jump back in. It was a totally new experience. After about an hour I started to get worried, I didn’t know how long Taylor would be at the mall so I decided I had swam long enough and went back inside the house. I took the bikini off and threw it in the dryer; I didn’t want it to be wet as Taylor would know then. I put my close back on and went out and watched a little TV. After about fifteen minutes I ran back in took it out of the dryer and hung it back up on the hook and returned to the TV. It was a couple more hours till Taylor got home. She had been gone for over 4 hours.
Taylor asked what I was doing and I just said watching TV. She said she was going swimming and went into the bathroom and put on her bikini. When she came out she sat next to me and said why don’t you come out and swim with me. I looked at her and before I could say anything she said mom won’t be home for a few more hours Jordan it will be just us in the pool nobody else will see you and I promise I won’t laugh or tell anyone. It would be so much fun. I thanked her but said no. I still could not wear her bikini even the bottoms in front of her. She smiled and said just think about it and went out to the pool. I thought to myself about how much fun I had swimming earlier and I knew I could trust her but I just couldn’t so I stayed in and watched TV. Mom got home a little before 6 and she brought dinner. She set the food on the table and called Taylor in and we all sat down to eat. Taylor sat there in her bikini and suddenly it flashed in my mind about how I looked earlier and what would they say if I were sitting there in a bikini. After dinner mom told us about her first day, she was really excited and I could tell she like her job. It was about 7:30 and Taylor wanted one last swim before it got dark. She went back out and mom said she was going to take a swim and said I should join them but I still couldn’t so they went out and swam while I watched TV. There was just something about me wearing a bikini in front of my mom and sister that I couldn’t get past.
They swam till after 9 pm and then came inside. They sat on the couch with me still wearing their bikinis and we watched a little TV and the news. The weather said it was going to be in the low 90’s tomorrow and Saturday and then Sunday through Friday next week it would be in the low to mid 100’s. I thought to myself in Portland we were lucky to see 100 let alone five days of it. I was glad the house was air-conditioned. We all went up and went to bed and I started to dream again about wearing the bikini in the pool with mom and Taylor. No matter what I tried I couldn’t stop dreaming about it.
The next morning Friday we again had breakfast and mom left for work Taylor asked me if I wanted to walk to the mall with her and look around. The idea of going someplace sounded good but I said no again. This time though it was because I wanted to go swimming and wear the bikini. I don’t know why I wanted to wear the bikini I just did. Taylor said fine she would see me in a few hours and she left. As soon as she was gone I headed for the bathroom and there on the hook behind Taylor’s and mom’s bikini was my bikini, I mean the bikini Taylor said I could wear.
I again put the bottoms on and the same feeling I had yesterday came back. Next I put the top on and looked into the mirror. Somehow I looked better today. I grabbed my towel and went out to the pool. It was only 9 am and I had a few hours to swim and wear the bikini. I jumped into the pool and swam to the other end. Then out again and jumped back in. I was having so much fun and the water felt so nice. I swam to the other end of the pool and turned to swim back when I saw her. At the other end of the pool standing on the deck was Taylor in her bikini. I didn’t know what to do and tried to stay low in the water in hopes she wouldn’t notice the hot pink bikini I was wearing. Taylor got in the pool and swam towards me and there was nothing I could do. When she finally got to where I was I could not speak. Taylor gave me a smile and said I am glad you decided to go swimming we can have so much fun. I just looked at her still saying nothing. Taylor smiled again what’s wrong she asked. I looked down at the water and said I know what you are thinking I just really wanted to go swimming and, but she cut me off. Jordan it’s alright she said. I am not mad I said you could wear my bikini I just am glad we can swim together it is more fun when you have someone else. But I’m a boy in a bikini. It’s just a swim suit nothing more she said, besides I have wore your shorts and shirts before why shouldn’t you be able to wear something of mine. I looked at her and could see in her face that she saw nothing wrong and that made me feel a lot better. I gave her a hug and thanked her for being so understanding. We spent the next couple hours splashing around in the pool and she was right it was a lot more fun with her there.
About 11 we got out and went inside to make lunch. I headed for the bathroom and Taylor asked where I was going. I just said to change. She said don’t you want to swim after lunch; mom won’t be home till almost 6 tonight. I said yes but I can’t sit like this. She just smiled you look great besides I am leaving my bikini on. I thought for a moment and she was right besides I liked the bikini so we made our sandwiches and then went back out to the deck and sat in the lounge chairs and ate our lunch. As we ate we chatted. I finally asked her why she came back from the mall so early. She let out a giggle looking at me. It’s simple she said, I wanted to go swimming with you. Yesterday I tried to get you to swim with me but you were too afraid so I said I was going to the mall today just so you would get in the pool. I looked at her, how could you know, you couldn’t I made sure to dry the bikini yesterday before you got home I was so careful. She smiled again yes you were except one thing. I looked at her and had to ask, what? She smiled again; remember yesterday when I went to put my bikini on to go swimming? Yes I said. Well how do you suppose mine and moms bikini got put on the hook behind the one I set out for you? Yours was the first one on the hook which means you at least took it off the hook to look at. I never thought of that I had been so careful and then left the one I wore on top. After lunch we just laid there in the chair talking. It had been a long time sense Taylor and I had really talked. She told me things about some of her old friends. And I shared things about me and we had a great time. It was turning out to be the perfect day. Finally Taylor looked at me and said do you know it’s after 4? If you want to swim some more we should get back in the pool unless you want to swim tonight with mom and me? I got up, please don’t tell mom. Taylor smiled, I won’t she said. This will be our secret until you want to tell her but I know she won’t care. Taylor and I swam for the next hour or so and then I got out and went inside, I through my bikini in the dryer and took a quick shower. When I took the bikini out of the dryer I made sure to put it behind mom’s bikini. I didn’t want to make that mistake again.
Mom got home a little before 6 and quickly cooked up dinner. Taylor sat at the table in her bikini and I was back in my jeans and tea shirt. Mom again told us of her day. After dinner Taylor asked mom if she wanted to go swimming. Mom said yes and looked at and said how about you dear you feel like swimming tonight. I just said no. Mom went and put her bikini on and then told me she had left mine on the hook if I changed my mind, there just pink shorts dear. I wondered if Taylor would tell mom so I kind of listened at the door. Mom got to the pool and saw Taylor. As she got in I heard her tell Taylor she felt bad I wouldn’t come out and swim just because I didn’t want to wear the bottom part of a bikini. I knew this was it Taylor was going to say something. Taylor looked at mom. Don’t worry about Jordan, if he wants to swim bad enough he can. We have both offered him the chance, we can’t make him put on the bikini bottoms. Taylor not only said nothing but she stuck up for me. I felt so much better and I went back inside knowing that I could trust Taylor not to say anything. They swam for a couple hours and then came in and we all watched a little TV. Mom asked us what we wanted to do on Sunday which was her first day off. Neither one of us had any suggestions so mom just said we would figure it out then. It was about 11 when we all went to bed again. As I lay there falling asleep I thought back over the day and how I had spent almost the whole day in a pink bikini swimming with my sister and how nice she was about it. I wonder how my mom would react if she new. I fell asleep and in my dream Taylor and I were both wearing our hot pink bikinis and swimming but we were at one of the hotel casinos pools and there were people all around us.

Chapter two
In the morning when I got up the dream was still fresh in my mind. As I went down to breakfast I could not stop smiling. As we sat and ate breakfast mom asked Taylor and I what we had planned for the day and she was looking right at me. I said nothing really and mom gave me that motherly look and said, dear if your sister goes to the mall please go with her. You can’t just sit in the house all the time. You need some fresh air and exercise. I shook my head yes and promised I wouldn’t just sit in the house. Mom kissed us each goodbye and left for work. Taylor and I cleaned up the kitchen and dishes and as we did she asked me what I wanted to do today. I looked at her and wanted to say so bad, I want to put on the bikini again but before I could say anything she spoke up. Let’s put on our bikinis and go out to the pool. I looked at her and said okay and then I stopped our bikinis I said. Taylor smiled and gave me a hug. It’s an old bikini and sense you are willing to wear and it and look so cute in it you can have it, my gift to you. I thanked her and we went and put on our bikinis. As we walked to the pool I kept thinking how stupid it was for me to like wearing a bikini and now I owned one. What would mother say if she found out? Taylor and I splashed around in the pool for the next couple hours. We would swim for a bit and then get out and lay in the sun. I was having so much fun. About 11 we decided to get lunch so we went inside. Taylor said she had to go upstairs and would be right back so I made us both a sandwich and took them and our pop out to the deck. Taylor came down and had a little bag with her. She set it next to her chair and we ate our lunch and talked. I really liked talking to Taylor it made me feel closer to her. After lunch I laid back in my chair but Taylor kept sitting up. She took her bag and pulled out a nail file and started to file her nails. I watched her as we kept chatting. When she had finished filling her nails she pulled out some nail polish. I asked her what she was doing. She said sense we had to wait awhile after lunch before we could go back in the pool she thought she would do her nails. She put some kind of dividers between her toes and carefully started to paint them. The color she chose was a dark pink color; I forget the name of it. It took her about ten minutes to finish and then she held out her feet for me to see. What do you think about the color she asked? It was beautiful and almost matched her bikini so without thinking I said I like it, it’s very pretty. She smiled and said she agreed so she was going to do her finger nails too with the same color. As she looked down she also notices how close it matched the color of our bikinis too. She smiled at me, you know Jordan I could do your toe nails too if you like. I paused for a moment as I thought what it would be like to have my nails painted. I just couldn’t let her do my nails I am a boy. Then I heard her say again, if you like I could paint your toes. I can’t Taylor I said I am a boy. She gave me another smile, I know but no one will see them or know just the two of us. It can be our little secret and I won’t tell a soul. You don’t think it would be stupid I asked. She just smiled I think it would look beautiful on you. Just let me do it and if you don’t like it or change your mind we can remove it.
I kept looking at her feet and they did look beautiful and I wondered how mine would look so I agreed. Taylor had me put my feet in her lap and she put the dividers between my toes which was not real comfortable. Then she started on my toes. First the clear coat then two costs of the dark pink nail polish and then a top coat. And again it only took about ten minutes. I looked down at my feet and they were beautiful. Taylor smiled they look so pretty don’t they? And before I could think I opened my moth and said they look beautiful thank you. As I finished my sentence I realized what I had just said and looked at Taylor. She was smiling back at me. They do look beautiful and don’t be ashamed of liking them. I felt better but still had to ask her, you don’t see a problem with my toes being painted and me liking it. She just smiled and said no I think it is fine. When we were young and I went through my tom boy period you didn’t think I was strange. You even let me play with all your toys why should I think any different of you. It’s my turn and you are welcome to play with or use anything of mine you like. She said as she was painting her finger nails. I can even do your finger nails if you like. That I didn’t have to think about, my toes I could hide but my fingers everyone would see. I thanked her for the offer but said no. she just smiled, if you change your mind or need anything else just ask. When she finished we laid back in our chairs to let our nails dry. With the heat it only took about an hour for our nails to be dry so we got back into the pool and swam some more. Every time I saw my toes I got a little chill and when I saw Taylor’s finger nails I would wonder what mine would look like. We did our usual swim for a bit and then get out and lay in the sun to dry off. We were having so much fun that I didn’t want it to end so we stayed in the pool till almost 5:30 before we got out. I went in and through my bikini in the dryer and ran up to take a quick shower. Mean while Taylor started dinner. As I was coming down stairs I hear mother come in the door. I had to get my bikini (I like the sound of that) out of the dryer and back on the hook in the bathroom before mother notices it. I ran to the laundry room and opened the dryer but my bikini was gone. I came out to the kitchen and Taylor smiled at me, mom and I are going swimming after dinner and I left the other bikini on the hook in the bathroom if you want to join us. Taylor had put it back for me, I was safe. What a great sister she is I thought to myself. Mom gave me a hug, I am glad you got out of the house today. I looked at her for a moment. She smiled your face and arms are all tan you might want to think about some sun tan lotion. So what did you two do today? Taylor spoke up well I spent most of the day in the pool and Jordan came out on the deck and sat and talked to me and played on Aunt Jessica laptop. Mom looked at me well at least you were outside. While we ate dinner mom noticed Taylor’s nails. I love your nails honey they match your suit. Taylor got a big grin on her face, thanks I love having my nails painted and looking pretty. Mom smiled at her maybe when I get paid we can go get our nails done together all the other cocktail waitresses have nice long nails. Taylor spoke up I would love that mom. After dinner mom changed into her bikini and went outside to the pool. I grabbed the laptop and went and sat on the deck, to surf the internet while they swam.
That night when I went to bed I saw my beautiful toe nails a rush of feelings came over me. It was like I was sitting there as Taylor painted my toes all over again. As a waked around my room I just kept looking down at my feet. The day had been so much fun and I couldn’t wait to go swimming again and wear my bikini. Then I thought to myself. Mom had the next two days off so unless I want to wear the bikini in front of her I will have to wait till Tuesday when she is back at work. I just couldn’t let her see me in a bikini. I fell fast asleep and dreamed the whole night I was in my bikini and had my nails painted.

Chapter three
In the morning I put on my robe and slippers which with my toes painted I would be wearing all the time now and went down for breakfast. Mom had fixed a big breakfast of eggs and pancakes and we sat and talked. Mom again asked us what we wanted to do. I wanted to go swimming in my bikini but knew I couldn’t with mom there. Mom finally spoke up well I want to take you someplace this morning and then we can do whatever you two want for the rest of the day. I looked at Taylor and knew she also wanted to spend the day in the pool it was supposed to be over 100 degrees the next several days. I went up and took my shower and again I could see my toes. They looked so pretty.
I went back to my room and I heard my mom say something from the hall so I said what? At that point my door opened and mom walked in and said last night I got some of my tip money so I thought we could go buy you a swim suit. I had the towel around my waist and had my slippers on but I was still a little startled as I turned to face her. She again said we could go and bye me, then she stopped and looked right at me, swim suit but I guess you don’t need it any more. I looked at her and was trying to figure out what she meant when Taylor walked in, Taylor’s mouth just fell open and she didn’t say a word. My mom came over and looked at me then gave me a hug and whispered in my ear, you really should put on sun tan lotion when you are out in the sun that long. I still didn’t know what she meant so she moved me over to the dressing table and turned me around. There on the wall was a mirror and I saw my reflection. I had a deep dark tan except for two triangle shapes right over my nipples and a line that went up around my neck. These spots were as white as could be. I looked like I had on a pale white bikini top. Mom gave me another hug I see you have been swimming dear. I looked in the mirror again and I started to cry. What must mom think, I started to apologize. I am sorry mom I pleaded. She gave me another hug, it’s all right dear. I told you that you could wear it I am not mad at you. But I was wearing a bikini mom. She just hugged me tighter; it’s just a bathing suit dear it’s okay. You really don’t mind I said fighting back the tears. No dear it’s okay, now stop your crying. Mom looked at me and smiled I guess we don’t need to buy you a swim suit any more. I looked at her and she again smiled well with your sun tan you look like you have a bikini top on anyway you might as well just keep wearing the bikini we have. I looked at her and started to say no but she put her fingers to my mouth, listen dear. You have been wearing it for I guess the last couple days and I am sure Taylor has seen you in it? I nodded yes. I love you dear and if you are okay with wearing the bikini then its okay with me, I am sure you look great in it. So why don’t we all get our bikinis on and spend the day in the pool? Taylor finally spoke up I think that’s a good idea and mom Jordan looks really cute in the bikini and it fits him perfectly. She gave me one more hug and said then its settled lets go spend the day together in the pool. We all went down and grabbed our bikinis.
I put on my bikini but couldn’t bring myself to walk out and show my mom. Taylor came into the bathroom wearing her bikini and gave me a hug. It will be okay Jordan. She knows you have been wearing it and she is okay with it. She even saw your tan lines which is the same thing as the bikini except for the color. She was right and I knew it so I said okay. Taylor took my hand and we walked through the kitchen and out to the pool. As we walked across the deck I could see mom looking at us and I started to get scared. Mom came over and gave us both a hug. My god the two of you look so much alike almost like twin sisters. I had never thought about it but we did look a lot alike especially sense we were both wearing basically the same hot pink bikini. Mom again said you both look lovely so let’s swim and spend the day together.
Mom got in the pool and then Taylor and finally me. I felt a little better in the pool sense the bikini was not as visible. We swan and splashed around in the pool for a while and I started to relax. We were having a great time and mom was right there with us almost like a big sister. I love my mom and I know she loves me but there is a special bond between mother and daughter and while we were in the pool I shared that bond. I felt closer to mom then I have in years. After about an hour mom said she was going to go lay in the sun for awhile so Taylor and I decided to do the same. We got out and went over to the lounge chairs and sat down. Mom started to put on sun tan lotion and then handed it to me and said you better use some of this dear. I took the sun tan lotion and started to put it on when I saw my feet and the dark pink nail polish. I tried to hide my feet but mom saw them. I see you did your toes too. I got that same feeling of shame again and couldn’t think what to say when Taylor spoke up. It was my idea mom I talked Jordan into letting me do his toe nails, I am sorry. Mom looked at Taylor and then me, I like it the color looks nice on you. I looked at mom, you’re not mad I asked? No dear I love you no matter what. I must admit that I didn’t think you would wear the whole bikini or the nail polish but I see nothing wrong with it if you are happy. That’s all that matters to me, that both my children are happy and I will support you both in how ever you want to live all I ask is that you be honest with me and feel you can always tell me anything. I gave her a big hug and told her I didn’t mind wearing the bikini I even sort of like the way it feels and looks. Mom smiled and said then we will get you your own bikini dear. Taylor gave us both a hug and told mom she had already given me the bikini. Mom again looked at us. You two look so much alike right now it’s like I am looking at my twin daughters. I felt so much better and gave mom a big hug.
The rest of the day the three of us spent swimming and lying in the sun like three sisters. It was one of the best days of my life and I felt closer to Taylor and my mom than ever before. At lunch mom went in and made us all a nice salad and brought it out to the pool for us to eat. The three of us sat there and talked. Mom told us about her job and then she started to tell us about our dad. How they had met in high school and fell in love. Don’t get me wrong she has never hidden anything about our dad, even though he had left us she felt we had the right to know about him but now she was filling in all the details. She told us how she was a year younger than him and she knew she loved him and that is why she had slept with him. She didn’t regret the fact she had us but wished they had waited. She looked at us, remember that boys only want one thing and once you sleep with them there is no longer anything they will want from you. Taylor looked at mom; I would never sleep with a boy. I just looked at her with a blank stare. Mom looked at me and then said; I don’t know why I am talking to you dear it’s just you look so cute and so much like your sister. After lunch we lie in the sun for a while and then back into the pool till dinner time. Mom thought we should go out for dinner sense she did have some money from her tips. Taylor and I thought it was a great idea.
We all went inside to change for dinner. I put on a nice pair of slacks and a nice shirt. I came downstairs but mom and Taylor were still getting ready so I watched a little TV. They came downstairs about 20 minutes later and they looked beautiful. They were both wearing dresses, Taylor had on a red dress and mom had on a short black dress. Both were wearing 4″ inch heels and their makeup was done perfect. They really did look like sisters. We got into the car and drove out to the Rio hotel casino. The restaurant was a little on the fancy side with dim lighting and privet booths. We all ordered and then we talked. Mom and Taylor talked about fashion and makeup and I was feeling a little left out. Somehow it seemed different from earlier. We had a great time after dinner we went up above the casino and watched the show where carnival floats go around the ceiling. When we got home it was after 11 so mom kissed us good night and Taylor and I went up to bed. On the way upstairs Taylor asked if I was okay sense I had been so quiet all night. I said I couldn’t explain it I just felt a little left out, I just didn’t know anything about what you were talking about. Taylor gave me a hug, Sorry Jordan I just have missed talking about that stuff with someone. I said it was okay and she promised to make it up to me. I went to bed and slept really well. I dreamed about the day and wearing the bikini in front of mom and Taylor. The day replayed over and over in my dreams.

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