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Boy wears his first bikini Chapter 10
This story was not originally mine but i did change the names,

The original can be found here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/missjames64.wordpress.com/2010/10/03/8/amp/

Thanks and enjoy!!

Chapter ten
Sunday morning we ate breakfast and mom told me to go put on a nice dress for when they got home and mom left for the airport. Taylor knew I was scared so she suggested we put on matching outfit. She picked out a short black skirt with a pink tank top. We looked like twins and we did our makeup and hair and went down stairs to wait for them.
When they got home Aunt Jessica came in and said; where are my two nieces? Taylor spoke up; we are in the living room. They walked in and we both stood up. I tried to smile but was too scared. Aunt Jessica came over and gave Taylor a hug, I have met you before. Then she looked at me, well Jordan don’t you make a pretty girl. Your mom explained what has happened and I think it is very strange but I must agree that as long as you live here and the neighbors think you are a girl then that’s what you will have to be. So give your aunt a hug. I gave her a hug and she whispered in my ear. You look fine dear and I can help you. I don’t know what she meant but I felt a whole lot better. She said why don’t we all don’t go out to the pool; I have been waiting three weeks to go swimming.
We all went and put on our bikinis and again I felt a little uneasy being in such a skimpy bikini in front of my aunt. My aunt seemed to not notice anything wrong with it and we had a great time. At lunch Aunt Jessica grabbed my hand and said Jordan help me make lunch and we went into the kitchen. Inside Aunt Jessica smiled; let me get a good look at my new niece. You do look lovely dear. I just looked down. What’s wrong she said dear, you can tell me? I just looked at her. I feel a little stupid in my bikini. Why I think you look cute dear. But my breasts are too small for this type of an outfit even with the breast enhancers. I see dear but you know there are other options that your mom may not know. If you want I can help you? I don’t know why but I smiled, you can how. Aunt Jessica gave me a kiss I know what to do dear just leave it to me. I smiled and started to say something but stopped. She hugged me again. Tell me dear whatever you say will be just between us. I feel funny thinking about my breasts I don’t want mom or Taylor to know. She smiled, it will be our secret dear and she gave me another kiss. We took lunch out to the pool for mom and Taylor. The next few days went by as normal. Aunt Jessica worked 7 to 4 Monday through Friday and mom still had her shift which left Taylor and I alone during the week and we were becoming closer than ever before.
On Wednesday Aunt Jessica got home from work and found Taylor Ashley and I out at the pool in our bikinis. She asked if I could help her inside so I went in. she smiled at me. Are you still worried about your breasts not looking good in your bikini? I looked down; did you see Taylor and Ashley’s breast I asked? Yes dear but they are girls. I know I just wish mine could look a little bigger in my bikini. She gave me a hug; I have some medicine that I brought home. I looked at her, what will it do I asked? She smiled; it will just make you look better in your bikini dear. What will mom say I asked? She smiled we don’t have to tell her if you don’t want and gave me a kiss. It will be our secret dear. I smiled, I liked Aunt Jessica she accepted me this way and thought it was just fine. I don’t know why but I said yes. She took a needle out of her purse and drew the medicine out of the bottle. I looked at the needle and got a little scared. Aunt Jessica said it will be alright dear turn around and pull you bikini down. I don’t know why but I did as she asked. I felt the needle go in and then the liquid, I even got a little light headed so she had me sit down while she made a snack. Then we went back out to the pool. When mom got home we all ate dinner and then went back to the pool.
A few days later when I got up I noticed my chest looked a little different and my breasts were very sensitive and I didn’t know why. Taylor Ashley and I spent the day at the pool and were having a great time. When Aunt Jessica came home I went I to talk to her. She asked what was bothering me. I looked at her, my breasts feel funny. They are very sensitive. Aunt Jessica took me in the other room and had me take my bikini top off. Wow dear you have a great tan line but everything looks fine but if you want I can give you another shot to make them not so sensitive? I smiled at her yes please. She took out her needle again and gave me another shot. I got the same feeling again and sat down. She gave me a kiss on the cheek, that should make the sensitivity go away in a couple days. I put the top back on and we went back out to the pool. Aunt Jessica was right a few days later they seemed less sensitive and I forgot about the shots. Time went by and about two weeks later I was getting dressed in the morning and I saw breast. It was almost like overnight my breast decided to grow.
The last week of July it rained every day so we had not been swimming and I had not been wearing my bikini. The weather was going to get better in a few days and I was so looking forward to being able to swim and wear my bikini again. The last day of July I was looking in the mirror after my shower and realized I had breasts. Not just the skin pushed up but they were breasts. I started to get nervous and wanted to talk to Aunt Jessica. When she got home that night I tried to get her alone but as it was raining so we were all in the house. The next day when I got up they seemed even bigger. I had to talk to Aunt Jessica after everyone went to bed I snuck into her bedroom and woke her up. My dear what’s wrong she asked? My breasts are growing, I mean real breasts. She had me lift up my night gown and looked at them. She smiled why yes dear they are she said. What am I going to do I asked? She gave me a hug; I thought you wanted nice breasts like your sister and Ashley she asked? I looked at her and started to cry, I just wanted them to look bigger I said. Well yes dear they do, you can’t make them look bigger if you don’t have them to begin with. It will be okay. I couldn’t stop crying for some reason I was really emotional. Aunt Jessica had me stand up and take off my night gown and without a thought I did and I felt okay standing there in front of her with nothing on. She looked at me, dear you look great. Your hips are widening out your waist is smaller and your butt looks bigger. I looked at her, what did you say I asked? Just look in the mirror. I turned and looked, I had been so fixed on my breasts I had not noticed the other changes. My waist which was a 30 inch waist was now smaller and my butt and hips stuck out. Aunt Jessica got a tape measure from her sewing kit and put it around my waist. Wow dear you have a 24 inch waist now and then she measured my hips and they were 34 inches and then she measured my breast and they were 34 inches. She smiled dear she said you are perfect for your age 34-24-34, I think you have a better figure then your sister. And don’t worry your breasts will fill in nice. You are only an A-cup now but you should easily make a B-cup maybe even a C-cup.
I cried even more now, Aunt Jessica I can’t have real breast at least not that big. You have to help me please I begged. Honey I wish I could dear but the medicine I gave you is still working but it should level off in a week or two and you will quit growing. If we do nothing your breasts will shrink a cup size over the next few months but that is it you will always have at least little breasts. If you want to keep them as they are I will give you hormone pills to take daily to keep your levels steady. I looked at her you mean if I do nothing my A-cup will go away I said with hope on my face? She gave me a kiss yes dear they will shrink a cup size but you are not done growing. Looking at your breasts you should reach a B-cup with no problem and most likely a C-cup by your birthday which means best in the best case you will have breasts like you have now but most likely like your sister. I think by your birthday your breast will be bigger than hers. All I could do was cry and Aunt Jessica held me. You will look beautiful dear just wait and see.
I went back to my bedroom and cried myself to sleep. In the morning I looked in the mirror. There was no hiding how I looked. The rain we were having was forecast to end and we would have sunshine and hot days in three days. The moment they saw me in my bikini they would know. I put my bra on with the breast enhancers and they were hug so it took them out and I still filled the cups of my bra. I put on a loose fitting top and a skirt and went downstairs for breakfast. Mom smiled at me and gave me a good morning kiss, good morning dear you are dressed early. I just smiled and said good morning. I knew I could only hide it another day or two. Taylor came in and also gave me a good morning kiss. She looked at me for a moment and then smiled, mom I think Jordan is stuffing her bra it’s almost as big as mine. Mom looked for a moment and smiled. Honey your bra is not that big if you want to stuff it like that we will need to get you a bigger cup size. I was panicked as they had noticed and I did not have the enhancers in the bra anymore. I tried to calm down and managed to say, I just wanted to see what it would be like with bigger breasts. Well I guess under your blouse it works dear you look great mom said. Do you really think so I asked her? Yes dear actually a girl your age should be about that size. It looks good on you. Taylor gave me a smile but don’t pad them to much or I will have to pad mine. I can’t have you with bigger breast then me. We ate breakfast and mom left for work. The next few days I tried to keep covered up the best I could but Sunday mom’s day off was going to be in the 90’s and stay there for the next week or two.
Saturday night when mom got home she greeted us with a kiss and we sat down to eat. As we ate she asked what we wanted to do for our birthday which was one week away. She smiled I asked for that Saturday off so we can do whatever you two want sense it will be your sweet 16 birthday. Taylor said she wanted to have a party and invite Ashley and the other girls we had met at her birthday. Mom said that was fine as long as I wanted to do that. I smiled and said that was fine as all I could think about was tomorrow when it would be hot and we would all go swimming. If I didn’t put on my bikini I loved and go swimming they would know something was wrong but if I did they would see what I have been hiding the last week and a half. Mom smiled then it is all set we can have a party. Taylor you can make all the arrangements and Jordan can help you. Then she looked at us what about tomorrow the weather is going to be hot shall we spend the day in the pool. Taylor let out in a loud voice yes I am tired of being cooped up inside I want some sunshine. Mom looked at me and I smiled yes it sounds great trying to sound happy. That night I had a hard time sleeping. I kept thinking what they would say. In the morning I put my bikini on and looked in the mirror. I did not have the look of a flat chest girl. I have the curves of a young woman. My breast more than filled the cups of the bikini. I could see I was easily bigger then Taylor. There was no escape for me. I put my robe on over my bikini and went down stairs.
Mom and Taylor were already down there eating breakfast so I sat down and joined them. After we finished we all cleaned up the dishes and mom smiled. Well girls it is already 80 out shall we go out to the pool and relax and have fun. Taylor smiled yes she grabbed me by the hand and said lets go get our bikini on Sis. I just looked at her and then mom. I don’t feel like swimming today I said. Mom came over and touched my forehead. Are you feeling okay dear? I just looked at her and didn’t know what to say. Taylor smiled you don’t have to swim you can just lie in the sun; you know how you love to wear your bikini. Taylor went and got the bikinis but mine was gone. She came back and gave mom hers and said yours is gone Jordan do you have it. I just nodded and couldn’t speak. Mom again asked if I was okay and then she noticed the strings from the bikini top sticking out from the robe behind my neck. She gave me a hug; I see you are already wearing your bikini under your robe. It is okay dear we have both seen you in it before there is no reason to be ashamed. I looked at both of them and started to cry. What’s wrong dear?
I tried to explain, mom remember several weeks ago when Ashley and her mom came over to go swimming. Yes dear I thought you enjoyed that day? Well when we were all lying in the sun I noticed how nice your breast looked and how small mine were and I felt a little, mom said self-conscious? Yes I felt like I was a freak in a bikini. Well your breast is smaller than a girl your age is that why you have been stuffing your bra sweetie, she said in her softest voice? If you like I can get you some bigger breast enhancers and bigger bras dear. It is no big deal. We love you dear it will just be the three of us today and we don’t care how big your breasts are and she nudged Taylor. Taylor gave me a hug some girls just fill out faster I am sure Ashley and her mom didn’t think anything about your breast size. By now I was really crying. Mom gave me a kiss and a hug. You know I love my little girl tell what’s wrong and I will make it all better.
I looked at her what if you can’t make it better I said? She just smiled, honey I am your mom and you are my daughter together we can make anything better. I stopped crying and said well that day they were here I talked to Aunt Jessica about it and told her how I felt and that I wished I could make my breasts look bigger. She was so nice and offered to help me but she misunderstood what I was saying. Mom and Taylor both had a puzzled look on their faces. I started to cry again but mom said I could tell her so I started again. When I told Aunt Jessica I wished my breast looked bigger she thought I meant I wanted real breast so she brought home some medicine from the hospital for me. Taylor still didn’t understand what I meant but I could see in mom’s eyes she knew. What did she give you she said? I started to cry, it’s not her fault mom she was just trying to help me; please don’t be made at us. I am not mad dear but you need to be honest with me. Take off your robe. I kept saying I was sorry as I cried. Mom gave me another kiss, I am not mad dear but you need to be honest and tell me. Now do as I said and take off your robe. I untied the belt and let the robe fall to the floor as I looked at them. Both their eyes got big as saucers and Taylor let out a scream, my god your breasts are bigger than mine. Mom didn’t say anything she just looked at me. I felt like I was standing there naked. I wished she would yell or anything. She finally pulled me to her and gave me a big hug. Well my dear you now have the body of a young lady. I will have a talk with your aunt when she gets home but first you and I need to talk. She told me to sit at the table and then she looked at Taylor. I was hoping she would ask Taylor to leave even though we were very close but instead she told Taylor to sit too. We need to have a family talk.
She smiled at me honey I want you to remember that I love you no matter what and you need to be totally honest with me, I won’t be mad. I said I would as I tried to stop crying. What did Aunt Jessica tell you about what she gave me? I paused then said she told me that if I wanted to stay this way she would give me some pills to maintain my level of hormones. If not then in a few months they would wear off but I would always have a higher than normal level of female hormones. She said my breasts would shrink by 1 cup size and my hips would shrink a little but they would always be bigger than my waist. Mom looked at me I would say you are about 34-26-34 dear with a B-cup? I looked down and said 34-24-34 and just a little more than B-cup, Aunt Jessica says I will be a C-cup by our birthdays but I shouldn’t get any bigger than that. So if you don’t take the pills you will go back to a B-cup and have an hourglass figure. That will make it impossible for you to go swimming without a top. Now dear tell me how you are feeling about this? I looked at her, I am crying and upset. I know dear but why, because you have big breast s, small waist and big hips or because you look like a young lady? I didn’t know what to say, I had expected mom to be mad. I still don’t understand I said? I love you dear and want you to be happy no matter what but I need to know how you truly feel. If you are upset because you look like a young lady then we will work to fix it the best we can. If you like the way you look and are just upset because you think I will be disappointed and mad at you than I need to know that. What I am asking you, do you want to totally be a girl, look like a girl or be a boy? If you like the way you look and dress and are happy then I will accept you as my daughter and from now on I will only think of you that way. Please be honest with me. I looked at mom and then Taylor. Taylor smiled, I love you as my sister but I wish you had shared this with me it would have been so much fun but I am jealous that you look better than me. She looked at mom and smiled, do you think Aunt Jessica could give me some of that medicine. For some reason I laughed at that statement. I looked at mom and felt closer to her and Taylor than ever before. I don’t think I what to have surgery but I do like the way I look and the way my clothes fit now and I love my nails and the makeup. Mom stood up and came over to me; she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a kiss. My new daughter, I will teach you everything you need to know and I will talk to Aunt Jessica about getting you those pills. She than looked at Taylor, I might even ask her for some medicine for you and I. now let’s go out and have some fun in the pool and plan my two daughters sweet 16 party.
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