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by bas
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2250840
A supposed upgrade to a garden receives an unexpected criticism
“So how do you guys like this new setting ? “
“I really don’t see the point in all the hard work that you have put into recreating the garden, what were you thinking ?”
“Really Miss Bee, can't you see all the new decorations he has put up, I feel it looks a lot better .
“Yeah, I agree birdy , I spent so much time on making it look better ."
"What is the purpose of having a garden according to you both Mr Pigeon and human ."
"I just need a nice place a sit and chat with my friends and some places to set up the nests ."
" We want to have something that looks good in front of our house ."
"And I felt you guys have gardens to increase the number of trees and flowers ."
"Well yes that too ."
"So did your new renovation increase the number of trees ?"
"Well looking at it , there is that new bench in place of the lemon tree. The new arch in place of those flower bushes .Those two trees are gone all right ."
"I removed a few bushes and trees to make it look good, not that I wanted to reduce the trees .”
“That is the problem with you humans, you do things only for your pleasure not because it will help nature or other creatures, and you Mr. Pegion, you never cared for greenery did you ?”
“Come on, we need to adapt, they removed the greenery we adapted to the buildings .”
“What do you mean Miss Bee, we do care about nature, that is why we plant so many trees around our houses .”
“Did you know that every year 4 birds would come to that lemon tree in the summers to make their nest ? Those bushes had so many flowers that me and my friends used to enjoy drinking from .Did you think of any of it before tearing them down for a bench and an arc ? “
“Now that you mention, yes I did not think of all that, I just wanted to make the garden look good .”
“Yes, and you don’t care about the results of your actions to make it look good .”
“Ok ok Miss Bee, we got your point, don’t be so harsh on me now .”
“Yeah poor guy, he didn’t mean any harm .”
“Well I have told you what is the fact, you decide harm or no harm. Will catch you guys tomorrow If I still see some flowers around here.”

Written for
The Dialogue 500  (18+)
Dialogues of 500 words or less.
#941862 by W.D.Wilcox

Word count : 410
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