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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Dark · #2250853
A poem based on Theological horror.
Full title: Past Cognizance or Primordial Wounds from Umbilical Hemmorhagia

Do not kill God to venerate Yourself - your blood will taste like wine to Them and they will consume the Soul through your eyes.

Do not kill God to venerate Yourself - They feed on the primordial ooze of pain and heavy scent of nickel-laden fear coursing through you as you approach the Holy Throne.

Do not kill God to venerate Yourself - we are created in their Image - limpid pools of salvation and Hope for Their Universal Creation

Do not kill God to Venerate Yourself - You are Divinity, You are Holy, You are Sacred - as you were the day you arose from ooze and ash and the rib imbued you with naivete; The Apple of Wisdom touched Your lips as it did Theirs.

God will Kill You to Venerate Themself - You are the representation of the mortal plan in which They cannot exist - You are not a Threat

You are n o t a t h r e a t

You are A Threat

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