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After church, I gave two friends a ride home. Lunch, then sleep. The next morning...

I am up, yet still am down;
no cheerful countenance, instead - a frown!
Pain and discomfort are what I feel,
but let me not doubt God's power to heal.
In God's own power and in God's own way,
God's healing grace will have its sway.

I feel like I'm in hospital,
an experience some say is dread;
It's just an irksome, painful day
as I lie upon my bed.
I would like to be able to sit and read,
or get up and walk around,
but I'm constrained to just lie here -
my inability has me bound.

Who would have thought that I'd be here
just lying with a cellphone in my lap,
waiting and listening for that special ping,
a message for me on WhatsApp?
Too painful to move, too stiff to bend,
at least I can say, "Hello, my friend!"
But I would like to be able to get up and walk,
and not just lie here for chitchat and talk.

Now, friends are the people God selects
to help us help each other,
whether by thought and prayer, word or deed,
to uplift and not to smother.
I thank you all, my cherished friends,
for the role that you have played,
For though I am in pain and sore,
I will not be dismayed.
For if it is God's loving will,
which never can be beat,
To strength and wholeness I'll be restored
when I'm back on my feet.

I do thank my friends for the words that they share,
they inspire and comfort and show that they care.
I'm not alone with battles to fight,
They have theirs too, so we all must unite
in spirit, in harmony, with a belief that is strong.
We'll encourage each other to stand up, not go down.
We shall strive to do right with all smiles and no frown
and be happy and content with the victors' crown!
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