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by bas
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Three friends discover a carrot that they should not eat.
The rabbit jumped out of his hole and stretched his hands wide, " What a wonderful morning . " the bright sun and the light breeze greeting him brought a smile on his face.
"Where are you off to Bumpy ?" His friend,Piro the parrot, perched on the tree next to the rabbit hole asked cheerfully, flapping her wings .
"My friend told me yesterday he has found a new place full of juicy carrots ." Bumpy jumped up and down in excitement "We will be going there today to explore it ."

“Hello Bumpy, ready to explore ?" came a voice from behind interrupting the conversation .
“Hello Jumpy, heard you are taking Bumpy to some new cool place .”
“Yeah Piro, hope it will be fun .”
“Yes, me too .” added Bumpy.
“Want to join us ? “ Jumpy added as they started hoping towards the new fields.
Piro flapped her wings wondering she anyway did not like carrots . but a little time out with friends would be fun too.
“Sure why not ? lead away Jumpy .”

Jumpy led them through paths that Bumpy and Piro had never seen before .
“Just a few more hops . “ Jumpy said as he hopped over a puddle of water .
“You sure had come exploring very far .” Piro's voice hovered above them as she followed them .
“I have never seen so many carrot plants at the same place .” Bumpy stared at the huge field filled with carrot plants to which Jumpy had led them to .
“Looks wonderful doesn’t it ?” Jumpy hopped a few feet closer.

“Yes, look at those huge leaves . I had thought the leaves for carrot plants were smaller” Piro perched on a stone pillar which was supporting the wires barricading the plants .
“Yes I was also surprised yesterday , but the smell is surely of carrots, no doubt about that .”
“Let’s dig one out and see how big are the carrots .” Bumpy jumped into the field skillfully avoiding the wires in front of him .
“Yeah, let’s see .” Jumpy followed him excitedly .

“What is this ?” Bumpy’s shrill voice made Jumpy stop his digging and lookup .
“What did you find ?” Piro too flew closer to Bumpy wondering what had caused Bumpy to shout so loudly .
“Why is the color of the carrot and the color of the leaves the same ? I have never seen a carrot look like this .” Jumpy stared in surprise at the huge carrot shaped object Bumpy had just dug out .
“Yes. Jumpy, dig out another one, let’s see how another one looks .” Bumpy dropped what he had dug out and hopped closer to Jumpy, helping him dig faster.
“This too looks the same .” Both exclaimed in surprise as Piro stared in disbelief .
“What sorcery is this ? “ Piro flapped her wings vigorously worried if they had made some mistake by coming there.

“This is no sorcery my friends” A deep voice echoed from behind as the plants rustled gently .
“Who is there?” Bumpy Hopped back,scared by the sudden strange voice .
“These are new kinds of carrots grown by Humans .” A huge rat emerged in front of them “And it is poisonous .”
“What do you mean ? “ Piro settled down next to Bumpy and Jumpy, intrigued by what the rat was saying .
“Yes, my friends have become very sick after they ate it yesterday.” the rat continued explaining “They are not even able to move today .”
“Oh god. Why would humans want to create such a bad carrot ? “ Bumpy stared in disbelief at what the rat was saying .
“In their world they call it genetically modified carrots .”
“What does that even mean ? “ Piro spread her wings in shock .
“Its their attempt to make the carrots bigger and better .” Rat explained “But they don’t realize nature can’t be played with at their will .”
“These humans always want to play with nature .” Jumpy shook his head in disagreement .
“Then shouldn’t we let the humans know somehow about this ?” Bumpy wondered, hoping no one gets sick after eating the poisoned carrots .
“We have left our sick friends near their homes today morning along with a carrot in their hands, hoping they will realize the mistake .”
“Yes, I hope they do .” Bumpy agreed .

“Let’s get out of here .” Jumpy turned away in disappointment.
“Thanks Mr. Rat, we too would have got sick if you had not come in time and informed us .” Bumpy expressed his gratitude to the rat .
“Yes, thank you .” Piro and Jumpy also echoed their gratitude .

The three walked away surprised at what they had seen, but Bumpy and Jumpy were dejected that their desire to eat carrots remained unsatisfied .


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