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Robin learns a lesson.

His mother shook him awake. Robin rolled over and opened one eye part way.
“You’re going to be late,” she scolded.
He opened the other eye all the way.
“Mom, just this once can you go and get it for me?”
“You’re not a baby anymore. It’s time you went and got your own.”
Robin rolled out of bed and shook himself. He tried giving his mother the round eyed pleading look. She glared back at him sternly.
He hopped out the door and took off. As he went, he noticed a newly tilled field.
“Perfect!” he sang as he swooped down.
But a pack of bullies drove him away. Robin was getting very hungry. He took off again.
A newly turned flower bed caught his bright eye. He dived down. A large cat came out of nowhere and chased him away. His stomach was actually growling by now.
“Now where?” he wondered aloud.
His eyes fell on some seeds. Ravenous, Robin landed at the feeder, only to be driven out by a large squirrel.
“Why is there never anything left for the late bird?”
“Because late birds can become just that!” said a screeching voice. Robin knew who that was.
“Hawk!” he screamed as he flew swiftly and desperately for home.
By the time he got there, he was exhausted and famished. When he saw his mother, he flew into her wings, trembling and faint.
She brought him into the house and fed him beetle broth with real beetles in it. Then she tucked him back into the nest for a nap. As he snuggled in, he chirped.
“I know now, why birds go out early to hunt for breakfast. Less chance of being breakfast!” he said sleepily.
“You’re learning,” his mother said, then sang him to sleep.

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