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For the Navy to claim to ignorance about the "Tic-Tacs" is bogus.
I have been neglecting blog for some time now. I would apologize but whats the point...? I know what I know and don't require reinforcement from others who agree or disagree with my views. Particularly my views regarding UFOs.

I'm gratified to see that some people are coming out of their slumber of disbelief. Scientists and academics are beginning to acknowledge there might just be something to the hypothesis that intelligent life might not be unique to the planet Earth. Good God! the conceit of humanity still clinging to the conceit that we alone have marbles rolling around in these brains of ours! Anyway the plot has been thickening ever since the Navy had to admit that the tic-tacs in their gun camera footages were real, caveated by the claim they are as in the dark regarding the phenomena as everyone else.

Give me a break! The Navy has been up to their necks in the UFO cover-up from its inception. They know plenty... the problem is that the security is to tight that ninety-nine percent of its personnel are not read in. Admiral Wilson is a good case in point.
What this shows is that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. There is plenty that is known but the truth has been going into a stove pipe and into the hands of what MJ 12 morphed into. Because of all the security only a few have the supposed "Need to Know." about UFOs and even these only a fragmented picture.

There will be no disclosure. The deep state has painted itself into a corner on this issue it will have to explode in the face of President Truman's pet committee before anything is ever revealed to the American people.
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