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Think this a silly question? I put forth that we may not exist, at least not how we think.
Proving existence is not as straightforward as one might think. Looking into a mirror and THINKING we are...therefore we must be,
is not proof that we exist. Finding conclusive evidence affirming this is not easy to do…obviously…or the question itself would be redundant.

When we think about the universe, and all that it is…what do we know?

It's big, with immense distances purported. And it is getting larger, expanding outwards at the speed of light...and to put these numbers into perspective is mind-boggling.

But I question…does the universe, and therefore, do we, exist?

And if so, why?

Why does matter exist at all?

We see matter everywhere we look, much of which appears to be solid. But in reality (if this is in fact, reality), nothing is solid. From bricks to our own bodies, everything is made up of matter, interacting sub-atomic particles that have space in between.

How much space?

Looking at it from our perspective, this space appears to be very small, but how do we define what is small or large when dealing with space?

Is it a selling point for real estate salespeople, or the gap between sub-atomic particles, or the distances between stars?

Is a flea aware of the dog on which it rides...or the dog of the universe...and what lies beyond?

Reality and perceptions blur the deeper we try to understand the big (or the small) picture.

The composition of matter...atoms, elements, and sub-atomic particles, arrived here because of the growing size and so, increasing gravitational pull of a young Earth. This planet we call home was once just pieces of iron, rock, and other material gathered from the asteroid belt, that conglomerated at the perfect location, near the perfect star to sustain life as we know it.

And when this young planet cooled, water in the form of ice, survived a trek through billions of miles, hitchhiking its way through space on comets, and then the descent through Earth's atmosphere...eventually becoming our oceans.

And perhaps with the ice, came bacteria... traveling the solar system in search of a home just like our Earth. Whether bacteria traveled here or formed here from elements to become strands of RNA, these organisms became, over millions of years, more complex and more widely distributed, and either adapted and survived to produce more bacteria or perished.

The ones which did survive evolved into single-celled, then multi-celled organisms, and from there evolved into all life we see today. Evolutionary trial and error which saw complex species thrive...eventually becoming mammals who are the forefathers of modern human beings.

When we look in the mirror, we see a human being, but the largest number of cells in the human body are in fact, bacteria.

I am not out to prove we don’t exist...but to assume we do exist without proof, is premature. We might as well admit we know little about ourselves or the universe around us. Science and religion will argue otherwise, but both are guilty of filling in the blanks with guesswork, storytelling, and conjecture.

A weird glitch happens within the human brain, which can sometimes be seen when an EEG maps brain activity...and looks remarkably similar to a computer rebooting.

Now AI is designing and creating AI, is it possible that artificial intelligence might 'think' it is real…that it exists in the future?

Programming so advanced, it sees, feels, and KNOWS the world around it exists, and…could we be fooled in the same way?
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