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Hellish Dreamscape
The alarm clock gently alerts him it's time to start the day. It rings out with a fairly new hip-hop song. A dopey voice rapping about a glamorous life. His eyes open but he lays still giving the alarm clock a zombieish stare. An immediate sense of jealousy is brought to the surface of his thoughts. He's is not about to have a glamorous day.
His arm feels heavy as he reaches for the snooze button. With a popping sound that should wake the person sleeping next to him, he presses the button. He's allowed a few more minutes of much desired sleep.
Standing on what seems to be a strange, dry combination of sand and dirt. Bricks start to manifest from the ground and form a triangle around him. The bricks rise fast from the ground, gathering up and forming three walls. As the walls encircle him, they take on a camouflage pattern of different shades of gray.
Observing this magical landscape, and trying to make sense of what is happening leaves him paralyzed in amazement.
In what seems like just few seconds, the walls are getting higher. Until they reach that height that were all familiar with. Around 20 feet or so like a classroom, business office.
The top, or the ceiling of this hellish enclosure is a soft blur of blackness. It seems as if nothing is there at all, but it imposes itself an oppressiveness on his mind and vision.
Just as he realizes that he is completely sealed inside this dry gray room. A voice.
Not a voice familiar to him. A man's voice tells him,
" You're staying here forever"
As he hears this he begins to frantically seek for something. Something, anything.
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