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by Hank
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Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness
I guess some of us aren’t made to be tamed, that’s just the way it is; some like to take illusionary leading roles in cages, but we, we’re made to walk this earth freely, even if it’s in a war field. We don’t like rules, and we don’t accept people telling us what to do, it’s not some narcissistic philosophy, it’s just the way we are; we want to make our own choices, our own mistakes… Some of us just want to feel like they don’t belong to anyone, to any concept or idea others made. Call it a superstar syndrome or whatever you want, but deep down, you envy us, don’t you? You envy our gut, our balls, you can hate us, and you will, but only because we represent everything you’re scared to be! We are this dream you hide from society because you are afraid they would call you crazy, like you call us, but only because we’re awake, because we see things you don’t want to see, you don’t want to look that way, because if you do, it will imply that you become responsible for your life! And damn that scares the hell out of you! But that’s okay I suppose, there is this matrix we put over our vision, and everyone is free to choose the way to look at things, so, in a way, freedom is only reached by those who want to be free. I just wish everyone would take a leap of faith and trust their gut; you know: over fear and into freedom…
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