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Rated: E · Poetry · Cultural · #2251289
Poem about making Earth a happier place
If people wouldn't litter
Scattering trash at their feet
If they would love every critter
Seeking their needs to meet

If we could worship our creator
Instead of his created things
If thoughtful were the factory owners
Disposing wastes without polluting

If folks would care for the plants and trees
Destroying many an animal habitat
If they cared for helpful insects and bees
Keep from using harmful insecticides like that

If people weren’t careless and sinful
The earth might be a happier place
The Earth could be more beautiful
If humans would keep a cleaner space

If men would stop their destructive ways
And pay attention to what they are doing
We could live out many peaceful days
If we would just be mindful of our going

Animals might not be going extinct.
Their habitats, we could be enjoying.
Our lives and actions could be in sync,
And our creator, we could be glorifying.

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