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This story is based on a fanfic that was on wattpad with Callie taking care of ABDL Marie.
Marie is sleeping peacefully in her baby crib as Callie came in and turned on the light to get her cousin to wake up and get ready for the day.

"I wanna sleep some more." Marie whined.

"You can sleep later when it's your nap time. We gotta get you ready for the day today." Callie said.

Callie then carried Marie to their bathroom and Callie brushed her teeth, then she brushed Marie teeth.

"You gotta have clean teeth Marie." Callie said brushing her cousin's top teeth. "You don't wanna get a cavity."

Then after that, they went in the kitchen for breakfast.

"Do you want pizza or pudding?" Callie asked her cousin.

"Pudding." Marie answered.

Callie then made herself and Marie some pudding and they chowed down.

"Time to take your vitamin." Callie said as she held up a vitamin gummy bear.

Marie ate it and drank a little bit of water. Callie then put Marie's dress on her cousin after she put on her green leggings. Callie then went to get in her jumpsuit and magenta leggings. Callie then ties on Marie's boots for her as she puts her own boots on. The Squid Sisters then put on their gloves, white collars, jewelry, and hats and they are ready for the day.

As soon as they finished getting ready, Callie puts Marie in the baby carriage as she cries.

"What's wrong, Marie?" Callie asked.

"I want Bun Bun!" Marie cried.

Bun Bun was Marie's bunny plush she has since her and Callie were younger. Callie then went back in her cousin's room and gets bun bun and a soft warm blanket just in case.

"We ready to go?" Callie asked.

"Mm, hmm." Marie nodded as she snuggled bun bun under the blanket.

"Okay then." Callie said as she pushed the stroller with Marie all snuggled up.

Marie likes going for a walk in her stroller. She loves her cousin like a sister. But for some reason she hears a familiar crinkling sound coming from somewhere whenever she's pushed in her stroller as well in the house. Every time that she asks Callie, she said she's probably hearing something or it's Marie's own diaper. She also thought she was seeing things with her cousin's butt looking a little puffy.

"That crinkling sound is back again." Marie thought. "Where is it coming from? And did Callie put on a few pounds in her butt?"

With the Squid Sisters out on a walk, Marie is hearing a mysterious crinkling sound whenever she and Callie are out. Callie's butt also looks a little puffy. What is she wearing?

(End of Part 1)
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