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Everyday are similar. Time and ideas are eternals. Reading reduces ignorance, Sir. What is singular and what is plural? Harsh but true. Life and chaos are due. The day is often blue. When gradually visualizing precisely, notice the intense vibe within the gut is tremendous. Of course, the infamous blood. On the streets screaming "Fuck the police!" Determination, venturesome and vicious. Proud, Humble and fearless. The grief of friends is careless. Now, consistently tearless. Misty reflection in the dusty mirror. Appearing as a coldblooded terror. Sin is an opportunity; not a fucking error. You and I are in the golden era. Hell but what is colder? Ignite the gunpowder to infernos. Honor Little Flame, Chino and the gangster's pattern. Everything are random. This is the Armageddon, so waiting for the unrest or be left in abandon. Blazing the journey to Cinder, setting the path on fire, burning the aftermath to embers. Proactive, even during the blizzardy winter. Ensuring that It will ultimately transcend. Absolutely happy; full of enthusiasm. Don't pretend to be a victim, 'cause I'm a Narcissism. The master mind behind organized crimes and terrorism. Enlightenment, supernaturally non-materialism. The average man who's invented the superorganism. Creating the most criticism to state against the idea of racism. Evoking the attractive force of magnetism and to craft an argument that seemingly witticism. Love woman who has the personality of familism. Enchanted, uncanny, and enriched the magical spells and empower the magician. Through Imperfection, contradiction and triumph I develop the art of perfectionism. Those who sincerely hate manifested themselves full of irritation. A genius is full of noble ambitions and beautiful fascination. As long as there are spaces between us, there will always be time for creation. The Spiritual mind is immortal and full of pure imagination.
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