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An anthem for the UN. To establish and promote unity. Our present duality must stop.
Oh God, bless our United Nation's of our world.
With the grace of your love,
and the wisdom of ages past.
Extend our us your guiding light.
Long have we been torn by war.
Bring to us what we sow.
Allow for equality to reign.
Forgive us of our sins and transgressions.
Oh God, bless us all...

Each culture is to be commemorated.
Each breakthrough to be celebrated.
And your bounty shared by all.
Extend to us your helping hand.
Allow for us to dance and sing.
Let us overcome being corporate slaves.
Allow for forgiveness to reign.
Forgive us of our sins and past.
Oh God, bless us all...

Oh God, life is our true wealth.
And kindness ought to be our currency.
through forgiveness and common laws,
We would then overcome our common flaws.
And pave the way for your return.
Our individual nations must unite.
Through love we'd discover ourselves.
Forgive us of our divisive past.
Oh God, bless us all...

Each life is to be appreciated.
Each birth is to be commemorated.
We must set aside our hate.
Before our end comes; it's never too late.
Allow for us to redeem ourselves.
Let us overcome our wrong's through love.
Allow for abundance to reign.
Forgive us of our ignorance.
Oh God, bless us all...

Oh God, we have seen the light.
Please save us from our perpetual fight.
So we may rediscover the joys of peace.
Please come back to us all...
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