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by Samir
Rated: E · Poetry · Other · #2251377
Just a thought / Dots....


Arrays of dots

Start moving slow

On words I write

And lines I draw

The night was heavy

The light was dim

They started falling

Off papers' rim

Without a purpose

How did they know

In which direction

They had to go

While some were crying

Others were dead

The rest were trying

To talk, instead

Their voices fell flat

And night was bleak

I never knew that

Those dots could speak

When silence took sound

To its secret zone

All words were vanished

With lines I 've drawn

I could barely feel

Shadow of a ghost

Looking for a shelter

I was its host

My words fell broken

Down on the floor

Silence was spoken

Many times, and more

Counting the numbers

Will lead to nowhere

Absent by choice I

Refuse to go there

Sudden and painful

That blinding light

When all its colors

Turned into white

Voices kept screaming

Inside my head

Like blades were cutting

All words I said

How could such silence

Inflict such pain

If words were dead

How to explain

What was that light

Trying to find

If I could not talk

And totally blind

Counting the numbers

Was always wrong

Like singing but really

There was no song

Ask my illusions

And they will tell

Creatures of silence

They know me well

Devils were fighting

With demons in hell

While I was writing

Dots cast a spell.

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