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The Library of the Intergalactic Airship
         "The Intergalactic Dirigible of Your Mind is a group of steampunk enthusiasts who enjoy a rollicking good story, powered by steam, and brought back alive from the wilds beyond the edge of the map. This is the good ship's library, open for your perusal. I'm beginning the collection with one of my stories in the hope that it will be joined by many more over the weeks and months ahead. Everyone with an internet connection is welcome to read these, and if you're a WdC member who enjoys this sort of adventure, please consider joining the group. Readers and writers alike are welcome. Without further ado, let's get this pony dancing!


 Punks Steam Ride  (E)
Contest entry for: Write Me A Lipogram 2105069
#2115210 by dog pack:saving4 premium renew


 Unknown Treasure  (E)
Unknown treasure adventure for the Hallows eve season. 2016
#2098726 by dog pack:saving4 premium renew

Sea Story  (18+)
Not every tale told by an old sailor is a tall one . . .
#2184887 by Blimprider

Sovereign  (13+)
All that we hold most precious. (4064 words)
#2249934 by T.J.Gunn

Brass & Coal  (18+)
A couple of confidence swindlers have an unexpected encounter.
#2107124 by Blimprider
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