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A Forgotten Fallen Hero

There was a boy named Joy
He was excellent and bright
Bright in studies and writing
No one had his might

He used to participate in every exam
Be it easy or difficult to try
He always had an optimistic look
And never did he cry

Whenever he was troubled with a thought
He used to pen it down in detail
Then he started pondering and
Tackled it everytime without any fail

Slowly, he turned to seventeen
Making friends, both good and bad
He would hang out with them
And share everything he had

But pity! Those friends were not friends
They outdid certain things wrong
They taught him evil things to do
And made him sing their song

He lost his faith in humanity
In kindness and all good deeds
He turned to a pessimistic boy
Always complaining about his needs

He then became a gloomy dull boy
Without any zest in life
To regain all that he had lost
He started again to strife

Now this boy is a whole new person
Whom no one cares about
His life has turned upside down
Still left in a doubt.

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