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by Ranuix
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2251421
This is just a fanfiction, Monster prom was not created by me but by "Beautiful Glitch"
It was finally the end of the school day and the shadow boy was coming out of the gates of Spooky High.

Suddenly he heard someone tapping him on the shoulder and when he turned he saw that it was Polly, holding a sack full of "borrowed" ingredients from the school kitchen behind her.

"Yo Boo, are you ready for the cooking class?" He cheerfully asked the ghost girl. But he, along with his little black creature, crossed his arms with a stern look, still bothered by how she had left him to face the slayer. “Aww, come on man. Are you still pissed about it? "He shook his head, confirming.
"Mmmh ... and if I gave you this, would you forgive me?" He asked Polly taking out of her bag ... a bar of chocolate!

The shadow boy took the rectangular object in his hand and, after examining it for a few seconds, put it inside his belly.
As soon as he finished taking the tablet, he cast a relaxed look, squinting like a drunk.
It was even better than the lasagna he ate the other day
At breakfast that morning, the sweet taste of chocolate had literally sent him into ecstasy.

Meanwhile Polly asked the boy, smiling: "So ... am I forgiven?"
He, though half dazed by the taste of chocolate, managed to answer by raising his thumb.
"Perfect, then follow me boo!" she exclaimed the ghost girl grabbing the boy's arm, still bewildered, taking him with her to her house.


"Almost there, boo!" Polly said.
After walking for half an hour, the two came to a street with many white houses with gardens, separated from each other by fences. Compared to the apartment in the building where Amira Vicky and Brian lived, it was quite another thing and the shadow boy was fascinated by it and the little creature on his shoulder whistled in surprise.

After passing a dozen houses, Polly and the Dark Being arrived in a very dilapidated little house, with wooden planks barring the upper windows and the white color of the paint on very few parts of the wooden walls, the rest had now been erased. . . over time, with the collapse of part of the roof.

After going through the door of the building and opening it from the inside, Polly invited the boy to enter with a loud voice: "Come on! Don't be shy! Mi casa es tu casa!"
But the Dark Being stood still, looking at the house, afraid.
He was afraid that the ruin could collapse at any moment.
"Oh well, if you no longer want to learn how to cook ..."
She started teasing the ghost girl by putting her arms behind her back and closing her eyes in a bored way, but the shadow boy swallowed and walked quickly into the house.
And as he walked in, Polly opened her eyes and did her usual silly smile before closing the front door.

Inside, the house was surprisingly cozier than one might think outside.
Sure: there were a few bottles of spirits and empty syringes thrown here and there on the living room floor, the large sofa was old and torn in various places but still looked comfortable.
In front of the sofa there was a 50 inch TV on a large bedside table,with a note on it that says: "ABSOLUTELY NOT STOLEN FROM A SHOP".
There was no light bulb in the ceiling but there were some lamps that gave enough light.

"Ok boo, I put the ingredients on the kitchen table. Now I'm going to take a shower, don't peek please .... I'm kidding, if you want to peek, take a peek!" And as she said this, Polly winked at the shadow boy as she walked up the stairs to the bathroom. He didn't quite understand the meaning of the words, why would he have to go and peek while he was taking a shower? Who knows.
Instead, he sat on the sofa to wait for her, and while he still looked around the room, he saw a strange half-cylindrical, half-triangular object with a purple soft substance inside that bounced up and down inside the object. .

Then the dark Being approached intrigued, and stuck his face to the glass of the object, following the gelatinous substance up and down with his white eyes, as if hypnotized.

About ten minutes later, Polly came out of the bathroom with a towel around her "body" and seeing the shadow boy with his face attached to the lava lamp, first she was very worried, but immediately afterwards she remembered that he could not suffer any damage and he calmed down.

"Do you like lava lamps, Boo?" Polly asked smiling. He turned around and nodded his head, and was amazed for a moment to see Polly with her "hair" no longer ponytailed but loose and long.
She was really pretty, and he especially noticed the two round protuberances of her that could be seen from under the towel, which for some reason unknown to him gave a strange agitation, not of fear or anxiety, but of embarrassment. "T-that's what I could have seen peeking!"

He thought, while his cheeks whitened strongly.

After going into the bedroom to get dressed, Polly said to the boy: "Ok dude, now let's start with your first cooking class. What would you like to cook?" But obviously the boy couldn't answer. She too Polly remembered it as she clapped her hand on her forehead and said "Oh, right! You don't talk ... wait boo, I have an idea!" She suddenly exclaimed the ghost girl snapping her fingers. After running back to her room to get something, she returned with her some papers and a pen and said, "You won't be able to talk but maybe you can write ... you can write right?" She asked smiling. He nodded joyfully. How could he not have thought about it before?
She then took her pen and papers and wrote, "Hi Polly."
"Oh great! We found a way to communicate!" She said enthusiastically as she smiled showing all her teeth and with the pupils that had taken the shape of two stars.
"So tell me Boo .... what's your name? Where are you from? How old are you?
What's your favourite food? Your favorite alcohol? Your favorite drug? "
She asked the ghost girl without stopping. He wrote all the answers as fast as she could and turned the paper over for her to read.

"Let's see: 'I don't have a name. I don't want to talk about it. I don't remember. Chocolate. I don't know yet. I don't know yet.' You are really a weird one, you know? " Polly said looking into the boy's face. He began to fidget, but she immediately said: "Oh well, we all have things we don't want to talk about. But ... you don't have a name then? Nothing at all?" He shook his head, and the little creature on her shoulder shook it too.

"O sheesh ... is it okay if I give you one?" He and his little creature looked at each other in confusion, then nodded their heads. "Ok Boo, then I'll call you .... Shady! Do you like it?" Polly asked smiling.

The boy turned and looked at his creature, who in response made a disgusted grimace. He didn't like that nickname that much either, but he didn't want to please Polly, so he just wrote "Yes" on the paper.

"Thank goodness. I'm not that good with names, you know? I think it's too hard to think about, eh eh." She said laughing a little.
"Ok Shady, write me what you want to cook and I'll teach you!" Polly exclaimed, raising a fist resolutely. He immediately wrote down what he wanted to learn to cook, and after having Polly read it, her smile faded and she said with a very bored and disappointed look: "Really?"


Hello everyone. I'm Ranuix, the writer of the fan fiction. I hope you are enjoying the reading, you know, this is my first time writing a fanfiction. :)
However, I wanted to inform you that the next few chapters, as you have noticed, may take a while to come out of one or the other due to my commitment to the University and many of my blocks in writing. You don't know how much effort I had to write this chapter! XD
If you enjoyed the chapter and are enjoying the fanfiction, please leave a review. Good day to you all! : D
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