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Be patriotic, but please don't remove God from the equation.
This is one nation under God.
Without God, we are only one nation.
Some might find this a little odd,
Without God, there is no Salvation.

One nation without God is doomed.
Without God, in the National Day of Prayer?
Without God's light, darkness loomed.
Do you honestly think this is fair?

So many soldiers fight, laying down their lives
So we can have a right to Worship God with pride.
Instead, we worship the stars and stripes
While throwing God off to the side.

We call the flag “Old Glory”, flying it proudly
While Bibles are tossed on the shelf without care.
We sing “The Star Spangled Banner” loudly
While standing up from our chair.

Church pews continue to be empty
Christians are turned away from our doors.
As violence and unrest erupt, we are more edgy,
And anxiety causes sweat to run from our pores.

Mothers are left desolate and crying
As their children are gunned down in the streets.
They watch them bleeding and dying
As they are held back from them by a few feet.

Sex trafficking is raging out of control.
Drugs are smuggled in from around the world
While the media tells us we need to be more social.
Insults between politicians are hurled.

Abortions are accepted and lives are being lost.
They think taking away all guns and stricter laws are needed
Taking God out of the equation has a very high cost.
The economy is in trouble with funds being depleted.

If we don't pray to God, then who are we praying to?
If God is not our higher power, who is there to save us?
If God is not for you then he is against you.
If we are self-reliant, who is there to guide us?

We are one nation under God.
I don't want to live under any other name.
Some may find this a little bit odd.
But of God's name, I am not ashamed.

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