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Project Cana

John studied the manual. He jimmied the switches, played with the cords. The blasted machine just would not turn off.

“This has never happened before,” he told the audience seated around him. This audience was to approve the purchase of his invention.

“I’m sure I’ll get it working in a moment.”

John fiddled a bit more. The audience fiddled in their seats. Some checked their watches, some checked their phones, some talked with each other.

“Let me try it again.”

Fip, fizzle, tirt, pop. BOOM! Water turned to steam. Then nothing.

A few in the audience wiped their glasses. A few stood, left the room.

The leader of the audience spoke.

“Seems you have a glitch, John Williams. Perhaps we need to reschedule this test.”

“I pray you give me another chance. I know I can get this to work,” John begged.

“Well, maybe next year.” He left the room, taking the rest of the spectators with him.

A discouraged John Williams checked one more variable.

He hit the switch.

Whiz! Bang! BOOM!

Liquid filled the beaker, red instead of clear.

“I knew it would work! Come back!” He yelled to an empty hallway.

Project Cana was a success. Water into wine. But no one witnessed it.

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