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by Lani S
Rated: 13+ · Preface · Sci-fi · #2251519
The New Age Begins is the first book in The New Age Trilogy.
"Does he know the truth?" She questioned as she leaned her weight on the counter, waiting for me to finish rinsing my hands.

"He doesn't and we're going to keep it that way." I said while drying them off, preparing myself to do the operation.

"You're the doctor." She agreed when she handed me a pair of gloves.

I paid her no mind as I slipped them inside my doctor's coat saving them for later. My eyes momentarily glanced at the boy laying down on the operation table. Dirty blonde hair framed his overly pale face.

"His file." I demanded in a clipped tone.

She handed it over and I quickly scanned the document.

"He's only thirteen" I whispered to myself. He celebrated his birthday a few months ago-that was the same day he'd gone missing...

My eyes scanned it further until there was nothing left to read or so I thought.

I turned the page over when I came across something nerve-racking, why was his name crossed out?

"This isn't the original copy, where's the other documents?" I yelled as my voice bounced off the walls making the small room feel even smaller.

Power radiated off me, and soaked in the look of fear playing on her face. The staff didn't call me Dr. Echo for no reason.

"I don't know, miss." She whispered, suddenly interested in memorizing the "designs" on her plain shoes.

Pure outrage turned into irritation when I realized not only did Maxwell have an office filled with files, but he also had forced my employee into secrecy.

"The key." I gritted out. Maxwell always knew how to get under my skin or what was left of it.

"Miss-I-don't-th-" She stuttered, failing to come up with an excuse.

"Don't make me say it again." I warned.

Her eyes nervously darted back and forth between me and the forbidden office that was joined to the operation room.

With trembling fingers, she showed me where her loyalty lied-when she handed me the golden key.

A Few Minutes Later

"Pass me the serum." I ordered when I slipped gloves on to my slim fingers, getting equipped to insert the fluid.

"But, Miss... it hasn't been tested yet!" She reasoned, begging me to stop but all of her pleas died on her lips when she saw the murderous look forming on my face.

"Give. Me. The Serum. Or you'll be sent to the Clave's abyss!" I threatened as a deadly promise arose within my turquoise eyes.

"Yes miss." She gave in when she handed me the serum that was filled with colorful streaks of emerald green and microscopic hints of Alexandrite.

If anyone knew what I was about to do then my face would be plastered on every wanted sign.

The boy's thin lips formed a soundless 'oh' when the contents of the serum slithered its way into his bloodstream.
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