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We care for many conditions of the body without shame.Could we do this for the mind, too?
O, help me find some place to safe within Thy rugged arms.
These days of earth can cause defeat, explode in me alarms.
My mind is harmed. My heart is hurt, and friends seem far away.
This inner man is river bermed as stolid on display.

Restore my soul, Blest Living God. Your righteousness bends low
to walk me through Death's valley deep, where evil tends to blow.
You're with me, now and evermore, this orphan of the Earth.
What grief endures as loneliness this life of daily birth.

My mother's gone. My father's gone. My brother won't agree
with what I think and how I've grown, so he is far from me,
but God is here, my only Friend. He often guides me forth
to others, who have love for me, and see my mind of worth.

I need not sail into the rocks of heart's and mind's distress.
The Captain of my barque now guides, the bosun he doth bless.
In open seas the gifted breeze of gentleness of day
bequeaths to me a perch on knees of One, Who knows the Way.

He gifts His Wisdom to each doctor on behalf of me.
The days gone bad may seek to shatter hope, that I'll be free,
but in the end I know I'll see great days, that better are.
For this is how He loved and made me for the farthest star.

word count: 235
line count: 20
prompt: "Prompt # 3 - National Mental Health Awareness Month -
Free write about National Mental Health Awareness Month.

by Jay O’Toole
on May 31st, 2021

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