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A letter never sent to an object of my affection

I wonder...if you taste like what I imagine
With curves like a back road your body built for high fashion
With a smile crafted in heaven and eyes overflowing with passion
I just want a taste of your sweet nectar
Am I too bold for asking?

But it's not just you beauty which causes butterflies and fantasies about future lives
It's ur intellect and boss mentality which makes me wanna match your fly
But I'd be lyin if I say I don't daydream about what's between ur thighs
And I'm sure your luv is a drug
And I'm feening to get high

Pupils dilated...heart beat racing
Tryna be patient but my hands keep shaking
Dreams of ecstasy got me cold sweat waking
Friends and family tryna find what's the issue
But the problem is my bed.. the spot where your supposed to be is still vacant

Mannn... I'm saying too much
But the soft caress of your hand can make the darkest skin blush
The soft whisper of your voice got my feelings all flushed
You must be my cocaine dream cuz u make me feel a rush

But I'm too afraid to say this out loud
And I know you can tell
Enticed by your beauty
Hypnotized and enraptured by your spell
I wanna love you for everything you are
Flaws and scars
And I'm willing to do 25 to life locked in your love I wanna take that charge

Your voice draped in seduction
And a walk dripping in Elegance
You my dear are the embodiment of excellence
Haunted by visions of your beauty
So bad that I can't sleep
And I'm not trying to feel on your breast
I'm tryna experience your heartbeat

I wonder if you know you deserve all the world has to offer
Your a queen awaiting the throne
I can tell by your posture
You say your crazy
I just think I need a lil time to understand how you think
And I'm a hood dude so I'm trying give you a nickname like my lil stink

But I can't have you and I know these things to be true
I just wonder if he's being the best thing for you
And I'm always a shoulder to cry on through whatever you go through
I'll just fantasize your singing a duet with me while I'm listening to usher and Alicia keys my boo

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