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Summary of RBG
RBG was born in March 1933, her nickname was Kiki (Pronounced: kick-y) because she used to kick when she was a baby, and she has a brother. She enjoyed school, was a good student and wrote left-handed. Her older sister died as a toddler with meningitis. She did not remember her very well.

RBG had to move from England to New York because of the war between England and Germany. She was Jewish.

RBG's idols were Eleonor Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart. She loved reading. She learned how to be a lady from her mother.

RBG did amazing in school because she got lots of A's in every subject. She took piano lessons and She loved Opera.

RBG learned how to cook, but it was bad when she tasted her cooking. Another of her idols was Helen Trent.

The war ended in England and England won. When the war ended, RBG's cousin, Si, was happy to see his family, but before the war started, he was super happy and fun, but now he was gloomy and RBG was worried about him.

RBG became an editor of her school newspaper. She discussed the four documents at her school. She took on world peace at her school.

RBG learned her mother had cancer. While her mother had cancer, she did her schoolwork beside her mother’s bed. Also, to get her mind off her mother so she went on dates with her friend.

RBG's mom wanted her, RBG, to support herself by doing good in school and getting her Diploma when she finished school. Her mother died in 1950. She stayed home for the graduation because she was sad about her mother dying.

RBG went to Cornell University and when she was in her dorm, she had things in common with the girls which were that they were all Jews.

RBG went on a blind date with Martin D. Ginsburg and had a great time with him.

RBG was a student teacher at her University. She was in love with Martin while she was learning more about him.

RBG liked her teachers of modern European class and her law professor because she liked both subjects. She decided to major in government.

RBG got engaged to Martin.

RBG graduated with an Honors degree. Then a week later she got married in the Ginsburg home.

RBG got a job with the SSA, but she bent the rules (a little bit).RBG was pregnant in 1955. Then in July, her baby was born.

RBG got into Harvard. She had to run to the other hall to the women’s bathroom because the hall she was in, only had the men’s restroom.

RBG took notes on how to be a judge while reading a book. She couldn't go into the study area in the library because she was a woman, so they let her get her husband to go in with her.

RBG's husband had cancer. After weeks and weeks, her husband survived cancer.

RBG got rejected 14 times in 14 interviews to be a justice/judge. RBG got unrejected from the 14 times she got rejected.

RBG focused on her book about Civil Rights. RBG was serious about her work. She had another baby in 1965.

RBG helped the women and girls who were being treated badly at their school or work.

RBG talked about sex, gender, discrimination at a school. The Law accepted women for justice. The Columbia Law school hired RBG as a professor.

RBG explained the objectionable stereotype at the Columbia Law school. RBG was so busy that she could not take care of her kids.

RBG wanted the justices to understand the Law hurt many parents with babies. She was a well-known Lawyer and Professor.

RBG argued that the Law deprived defendants of Juries. RBG worked as an advocate of change. RBG became a judge.

RBG met with President Clinton. Then Clinton nominated her as a Supreme Court Justice*.

*Supreme Court Justice - The highest Justice of the Supreme Court*

RBG died in September 2020
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