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My mind went quiet, a buzzing of electric waves created a current through my body. I knew I had to get out of here. I sprung from the dinner table and ran out the side door of my kitchen, "Jamie?!" my mom yelled after me, but before she could stop me I was in the woods. My family was used to these odd disappearances, if only they knew the truth.
After running as far as I could in the short time I had I sat down on a rock, I started to feel my skin shift into coarse tan fur as my stomach twisted, I dropped to the ground. "I'm too old for this!" I cried aloud as if the god could hear me. The pain echoed deep throughout my skill as my face distorted into a monster, my muscles tore and stretched. Once it was over, I knew I had three hours left, only three more hours before my eighteenth birthday. Then the curse was over. Every month from the time I was twelve the change would strike, sometimes it would give a day's warning, with a feeling in my stomach. but sometimes I would only have a few minutes to escape. The legend says that if you don't abstain from the killing until your eighteenth birthday, you stay a lioness forever.
My grandmother had the curse, she taught me everything I knew about the curse. She also thought me where to find shelter and water as a lioness.
As I wait out these last hours I can't help but get fall asleep, the change takes a toll on your energy. and when I wake up, a human I am once again.
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