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by baywa
Rated: E · Short Story · Family · #2251572
A woman books a travel for her family the day the pandemic was declared
Pandemic declared! Lockdown!
Pamela came home from the travel agency. She had three tickets in her pocket. She smiled and held them out to John. He lied on the couch; played with the remote control. He turned off the TV.

“What is it, honey? Why such a long face?”, Pamela asked. He jumped off the couch.
“Didn’t you hear the news?”
He grabbed the tickets, threw them to the floor.
“What news?”
She picked up the tickets; waited for an answer.
“They declared a worldwide pandemic. The government announced a complete lockdown. We can’t go anywhere!”
“Shit! I paid cash!”

” Our dirty money? “
John turned pale and facepalmed. He got close to her.
“Why? What about the credit card?”
“They cancelled it!”. Pamela sighed.
“What? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”. John got upset.
“You know why I didn’t!”, she answered firm.
John lowered his head. He grabbed her by the arms, very tight. She looked into his eyes.
“Let me go, John! I won’t repeat it.”

He knew what to do. Pamela turned away, becoming aware what a lockdown would mean. John would stay at home the whole day. She couldn’t get out deliberately. Who would go insane first?
“Go to the agency, return the tickets and bring our money back,” John proposed biting his fingernails.
“I can’t. They closed after me. I was the last client.”

“Well, you have the tickets; you have a receipt. Go and cancel the booking,” he insisted.
“Didn’t you hear? I said I was the last client there! It is only a small agency. I don’t think I can cancel.”
“What does it have to do with the size?”
John’s face got red. He bobbed his right foot permanently. He took the phone.

“Give me the number. I dial, you talk.”
He could not get through. An automatic voice responded.
“No connection under this number.”
“What? They cancelled their phone. We write a letter, cancel the booking and demand the money back.”
Pamela got annoyed, but she had a bad conscious and confessed.
“We cannot cancel. It was a half-price offer if I give up the cancellation option and pay cash.”
John rolled his eyes and sighed.

“They spoofed you. They already knew about the virus and the coming pandemic. It is a travel agency. They are informed in advance.”
“How do you mean they spoofed me? It was a one-man company. He was very gentle. He looked for the best options and the best destinations. Nearly all of them were fully booked. He was busy to find the perfect destination for us and to get the flights. I never suspected something bad with this guy.”
“What is his name? Is it on the receipt or the tickets?”
“He introduced himself as Burt,” Pam replied.
“Burt Reynolds, that’s what he said. That’s it,” she complemented.
John got still. He could not believe it. He took the tickets, turned them around.
The ticket, that was assigned to him, had a small hand written phrase on it:
“Dear brother, happy holiday. You are blessed with your wife!”

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