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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Activity · #2251579
An aging couple survive however they can.
Two Old

Limbs hit the windows, but they weren’t the kind from trees. Taffy and Smirch stood watching from the window of their old, decaying farmhouse, grimacing with each thud.
“Another zombie apocalypse,” they muttered.
“Clean-up will be tedious,” Taffy remarked.
“They seem to be more frequent, but are smaller in size and lasting a shorter time?” Smirch replied.
“I hadn’t noticed, I’m sure you’re right.”
By dawn, the deluge of body parts and brains had ceased. The smooth-skinned elderly pair, armed with washtubs and shovels, ventured out to clean up.
“This looks like a fine crop,” said Taffy as she hauled her heaping tub into the barn.
“Definitely,” Smirch told her as he did the same.
After they’d poured the body parts into the extra-large cauldron they kept in the barn, the pair went to the woodpile. Taffy laid and lit the fire under the cauldron. Smirch carried it to the fire, picked up a paddle and began to stir the pot. A noxious smell filled the barn.
The couple took deep sniffs and smiled. When the cauldron’s contents were reduced to bones and a green liquid, the pair scooped out the bones and buried them deep in the manure pile. When they rotted, the two always bagged some and sold it as fertilizer.
Taffy took over the stirring, so Smirch could gather up jars. When the liquid had reduced to a mud-like consistency, Taffy used a garden trowel to fill the jars and set them out to cool. While they did so, Smirch made up labels.
“TafSmir Nourishing Facial Mud. Completely organic and made in artisanal batches.” he mouthed as he wrote enough stickers for the number of jars.
Smirch and Taffy rested on hay bales and wiped their brows, then said: “I’m getting too old for this!

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