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It is a short story based on a young boy Phatik.
Phatik was always left alone at home while his parents would go to exciting places with Ravi, his younger brother.

Ravi was the one touched with pampering. Whenever he wanted something, he would immediately get that but that wasn't the case with Phatik.

It was a summer night.

"We will be coming back in few hours. Please make sure that all the dishes are clean by then", his parents said to Phatik.

He was left alone in the house, locked from outside. He couldn't do anything else but rest in a room and watch television, as all the other rooms were locked up too. There was only the kitchen, the dining room and the rooftop where he was allowed to go.

Alone in that big house, Phatik was washing the dishes in the kitchen, dreaming of unicorns and pegasus. He was making his own stories in his little mind where he could be free and wander around anywhere with his white gauzy wings.

After finishing few chores, he went up to the terrace. He sat in a corner with folded legs and his head raised up, gazing at the sky. His eyes enlarged as he saw the white summer moon. How brilliantly it was shining! He could imagine in it's light, the flying white pegasus, with himself riding on his back.

He entered his own magical world. Stars and scattering clouds filled the air. Angels above and mermaids in water, were looking spectacular. Every other soul there, was wearing white robe with a tiara on their heads, like the angels.

Suddenly, there appeared a dying dove beside a lake. His imaginary lake! The dove was deeply wounded and was soon to leave the world. Phatik was the only one who could save him from dying. He thought, if he would save the bird, everyone would praise him and would love him. No one will ever leave him lonely and made him do the household chores. These thoughts urged him to quickly find a way and to become the dove's savior.

He quickly, searched for a leaf and washed the dove's wounds. He lifted the bird on his palm and ran to take him to a safe place where he could find some help. He was running and running faster, in his maximum speed when a loud noise came from a far distance saying -

"Come down, son. We are back and are fully exhausted. Could you please prepare the dinner for us?"

Phatik nodded in agreement, with a disappointed look over his face. His beautiful dream had all shattered. He came back to his normal routine, wearing an apron, ready to cook the dinner. All what he had imagined, sitting under the white summer moon, vanished away.

Word Count: 429
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