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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Crime/Gangster · #2251645
Everybody knows of one, this was Sam's.
Death Of Legend

Sam Diggs stood back and watched as a landmark burned. He was getting kinda choked up, but blamed it on the smoke. A guy in a battered fedora sidled up to him.
“Shame, isn’t it?” he said.
Sam looked at him and shook his head.
“You don’t know how much! Lo-Dive was the kinda place that you don’t see too much anymore.”
How’s that?” the stranger, who reeked of being a reporter, asked.
“It was a reflection of its name. I got my last drink there before I went to Vietnam.”
The goateed young man lifted an eyebrow.
“When I got back, I drowned my sorrows there too. I was part of an unpopular war, so civilians had nothin’ for me.”
The kid nodded.
“When I got my P.I. license, I toasted it with beer and a shot at Lo-Dive. Turns out it was a good place to get information too. You wouldn’t believe how many cases I solved by keeping my eyes and ears open in that bar.”
“So, what happened? Nobody official is talking,”
“Really?” The journalist looked skeptical.
“I wanted to buy the place and retire to run it.”
“I got warned off by the friends of some guys I put away for life. When I wouldn’t back down, they torched my house and car.”
The kid reporter’s eyebrows lifted in surprise.
“I was forced to live in the apartment over the place after. Had a couple of visitors who roughed me up pretty bad as a message.”
“I gather you still didn’t give up.”
Sam shook his head no with a grim face.
“But I did make sure the arsonist was unconscious inside there after he lit the fire.”
“Gonna rebuild?”
“You can’t rebuild a legend,” Sam said and walked away.

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