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by Raghp2
Rated: 18+ · Sample · Action/Adventure · #2251650
21 years old 6'5" with shaggy brown hair and dreamy brown eyes

Tyler is Josh's best friend from college and head lifeguard at the park. The two of them always get along great, but Tyler loves nothing more than to prank his much smaller friend. Whether he uses his muscles to easily overpower his friend or gets by with his devilishly good looks. Tyler always seems to be able to come out on top. With a bottomless pit for a stomach, Tyler always seems to be hungry, which more often than not can lead to some very untimely ends for Josh. But overall with a genuine heart of gold, Tyler cares nothing more than to protect his friend from those who would do him harm, unless it's himself in which case it's fine! It's just goofing around!

Tyler loves the color red over anything else, especially since he wanted to be a lifeguard his whole life. Even when not at the park he loves sporting his favorite color. Tyler is also talented at many sports, pretty much whatever sport he puts his mind to he's a natural at!

Notable Sequences with Tyler:
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