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by Fyn
Rated: E · Poetry · Biographical · #2251661
What it all boils down to


Making out a will
stalled when we realized
we had basically nothing
to leave anyone
the stuff we have
isn't stuff they'd want.
Stuff and basically
not worth anything much.

No paid-off house
(or mansion or castle)
to leave to the family
to carry on the dynasty
that doesn't exist.
No huge company
raking in
big profits - nothing to leave-
no piles of money or jewels.

Some pictures, perhaps.
They could take
pictures of the pictures
with their phones. Some old books
they'd never read or reread,
caressing worn vellum, tracing
leather engravings.
His drums- that no one plays,
Mom's schoolmaster's desk
that weighs about as much
as a piano and is almost as big.

It was depressing. Two hardworking
adults who have worked
their entire lines and have
basically, nothing to show for it.
All the kids, grands, and greats
have their own stuff or can get
what they want. Except for the greats,
they are all grown. They don't
need us and they don't
need our stuff.

But then, we thought again.
What we will leave them is not stuff.
Better than jeweled treasures or
pots of gold, more precious
than any thing. We already
gave them their values which they have
made their own. They have learned
all the lessons we had to teach. Responsible
adults who don't fear hard work,
getting their hands dirty. People who
appreciate working towards what they want.

They've memorized all the stories
and have a good start on their own.
New histories and their own takes
on older traditions. They are good
people, people we are proud of
in every way possible.
We've already given them
our hearts and souls.
They already have the will
in hand.

No tax collector will
come calling - their modern abacuses
can't calculate the worth of a valued
lesson or divine the price of love.
So, basically,
we've given our all
and we get to appreciate
that largess now in shining eyes
and golden hearts.

Their inheritance has been passed
down throughout the ages-
taught, passed on, improved upon.
Someday, when it is their turn
to worry about wills and trusts--
we trust they too will realize,
as we have, that it isn't
things or stuff. That it is the
memories that
are far more golden
and that their stories are
what is, basically,

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