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by Triv
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2251687
A glitch in the space-time continuum. What could have caused an anomaly of this nature?
For a moment, silence. It was like the earth decided to take a break. A clear blue sky accentuated the quietude. While only a fraction of a second, to me, an eternity passed before normalcy returned.

I looked around. No one else seemed to notice. Did I imagine the split-second anomaly? I couldn’t have. Everything had paused for an instant.

Above me, hitherto absent clouds formed in healthy puffs. The experience unnerved me. The sheer void in sound played on my mind.

Far away, more distant from the earth than a human mind could comprehend, a flurry of activities commenced. The changeover had not been smooth. At no other point in time had a shift gone wrong. Heads would roll.

Puro rushed to the central hall. Papers flew around him in disarray, clearing his path as he entered the cavernous room. The ceiling hovered miles above in a shroud of mystery.

Brahmi awaited him. Her usual cheerful countenance made way to a dark and foreboding look.

“How?” she spat.

Puro recoiled as if struck squarely by a plank.

“I…I..cannot explain,” he offered, knowing full well that the answer would only make her more furious.

“Millions of years there, and we make a mistake now?” she continued in a calmer and deadlier tone.

‘Tell me something I don’t know,’ Puro instinctively thought, not able to control his mind.

Brahmi glared at him. “You are going be a smart ass about it?”

“I am truly sorry. We flipped the switch like always. Nothing out of the ordinary until then.”

By now, the rest of the supreme council gathered around. Long robes flowed on the smooth and reflective floor. There was not much to say.

Finally, Vish spoke up. “Something happened there today. Only a powerful force can break the continuum. We will have to send a team.”

Brahmi sighed and reached out for a bottle of water that her assistant offered.

“What could contain that much power?” she mused almost to herself.

I continued to walk to the Central Station, and people milled around, oblivious to what had happened. My train pulled in, and I got in amongst the jostling and chaos.

My trusty bike awaited me at my stop, and I rode home, my mind at discomfort and with an odd sensation that something was off.

A large crowd greeted me outside. Panic struck me as I maneuvered the bike to the front of the house. People looked at me strangely. My two-wheeler crashed to the ground as I ran in.

Yashoda, my wife, was not in the living room. Instead, her father paced back and forth with nervous energy.

He stopped in his tracks and rushed towards me for a big hug.

Confusion reigned supreme.

“What is going on?” I demanded.

“Come, come…we need to see her.” was his obscure response.

Silently, I ran behind him into our bedroom.

Leila lay on the bed, her lovely head propped by a pillow. Her mother wiped Leila’s head with a small wet towel.

I gaped in wonder and amazement. Next to Leila, in a small cloth, lay the most beautiful child.

I repeated my last question.

“We have a baby,” Leila whispered.

I could see that but what I could not see was how.

“Where did you get it from?” I managed to elicit from my mouth.

“I gave birth to her.” Leila smiled contentedly.

This was going nowhere.

“Leila, what the hell are you saying? You were never pregnant.”

She didn’t let logic dampen her joy.

“So what? She still came out of me.”

“But why is she blue?”

My father-in-law smiled.

“She is the last of the ten incarnations.”

The team landed discretely in the jungle, far away from prying human eyes. The leader, simply known as One, gathered the seven in a huddle.

“This is the city where it happened. The energy source is emanating from here. Spread around and report back to me in an hour.”

Blank looks.

One waved irritatedly, and watches appeared on the wrists of the seven.

“Sixty minutes,” he said gruffly.

Though he had never been on such a mission before, he knew what to do and where to go. He would have preferred to come on this mission alone, but the council insisted on sending the seven members.

Eight unearthly beings shimmered and disappeared from view. One manifested himself outside the house.

The power went out in the house, and he smiled at his good fortune. He loved working in the dark.

Stealthily he entered. A low hum pervaded every sense. “Aum’, he muttered under his breath. He knew he was close.

In silence, he entered the bedroom. The mother blissfully slept. The baby stared at him, almost freezing him with its steely blue eyes.

One did not expect a child. Almost in a trance advanced towards the newborn. A strange fear possessed him. He eyed the exit on the left and, for a moment, considered making a run for it.

Too late.

A shard of blue light from the child’s eyes struck him where he stood—no trace of his presence after that.

Seven flashes of light appeared around the city.

Brahmi sighed. It had been a good run. She knew that her reign of evil had ended. She hadn’t expected it, but there was nothing more to do. Good had won, and she would go back into hiding, biding her time. Millions of years taught her infinite patience. She looked up and spoke in her softest tone.

“Well done, but I will be back.”

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