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Using the same letter at the start of each word isn't easy when a story must be told.
Penetration perpetrators,
Peering patrons of professional...
And proportionately petite pornstars.
Photos purporting to be prostitutes and perverts.
Provocative pictures positioned in portfolios.
Perhaps preaching that a profit is pending.
Putting paid to perp's personal plans.
Preventing the pulling of prodigious...
And pretty phenomenal phalluses.
Perfectly presented penises
Provide puffy porno pussys pulsating pleasure.
Performing pearl pumping pipes...

Spinning sticky semen sandwiches.
Swallowing slongs slung sincerely,
Since seven silly sluts,
Sold slippery sordid sex.
Seeing someone sporadically spewing...
Steaming spaghetti splashing.
Sides of several salty snacks.
Strange-smelling stuff.
Screaming sensational sarcastic sayings,
And shallow, short stories.
Sticks and stones...

And breaking bones.
Better be bending beauties back.
Break the banks of bevies bound...
By bundles of bitcoin.
Blue blood's bled
Before blasting buds...
In brittle brown bongs.
Ballistic bombs...
Booming between big bombastic breasts.
Buckets of brains...
Betray bad bloodstains...

Charlie Cocaine,
Went straight down the drain.
Putting out flames,
So says, James Proclaims.
Whose only claim to fame,
Was to blame Lenny Lame.
All very different, yet one and the same.

Who took careful aim?
And why was the victim slain?
A fall guy in prison going insane.
So, Lenny Lame,
He named the name.
The name of which he quietly exclaimed,
“It was Charlie Whatsisname!”
But snitches still get stitches, even if framed.
Becoming defiled, and then defamed.

Making under the counter, counterclaims.
J. Proclaim disclaimed he bore any shame.
But admitted major issues in his minor mainframe.
When it came time to tame his wild acclaim,
We confidently played the no-confidence game.

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