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A poem about an eye created by my daughter Tara
by: Tara Schumacker

Preface: The man with a single eye lived a quiet, yet fulfilling life.

Others saw him as a disability
Took pity on him when he lost his left eye when young
Playing too rough for sport
A feral cat proved too much.
His eye was gone at 3 you see

The boy did not want pity.
He watched the sky undulate with his one good eye
That was good enough for him.
The other boys threw rocks for scorn
So his rock collection was born

The neighbor girls were less fond of him
Less interested so to speak
Not wishing to speak to a freak

The boy spent time on art and studies
Enjoying TV. Identifying with Peter Falk
The Columbo glass eye was intriguing

The moral of the story; Perhaps should be
We all have one eye in our lives that holds us back.
You can either let it be
Make it bitter or make a quitter
Or use that disability to climb to the top
One eye is good to see the love you’ve got
And never stop
One eyes enough when you have love

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