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Zoological Nonsense and Beastly Puns

The Animal Talent Show

The man in the moon woke full in June,
roused by a ruckus below.
He rose in a rush at the sun’s last blush
and beamed at the animal show.

A chattering jay hopped up on stage,
to announce each act to come.
A line of seals and conger eels
started things off with drums.

A mynah bird could soon be heard
leading a call and response.
But yodeling Willa, the big gorilla,
sings anything she wants!

Bossy cow Belle sounded just swell,
clanging along with the score,
tapping her feet to a four-hoof beat,
with the crowd calling for more.

The hummingbirds forgot the words,
so they hummed a couple of bars.
And the anemone hit a high ‘C’
in hopes of becoming a star.

Grizzly Rose performs without clothes,
a furry dancing bear,
with butterflies that flutter by
weaving silk scarves in the air.

A deep-voiced bloke with a froggy croak
pulls bass notes from a sac.
Hyenas laugh at the droll giraffe
doing a stand-up act.

A boa named Dale warmed up with scales,
then pumped out a squeezebox tune.
And a punk-rock fox with scarlet locks
howled for the man in the moon.

The monkey troupe juggles hula hoops,
a curious looking skit,
and the pounding prance of a hippo dance
shakes things up a bit.

Rory O’Brien, the dandy lion,
pirouettes with pride.
And Gnick the gnu, in a pink tutu
follows his every stride.

A cover band of sheepish fans
called themselves the Bleatles.
Next came licks from sweet young chicks
performing just like Peeples.

The audience flips, and cheers for Skip,
the acrobatic yak,
and the parakeets exchange retweets
in a double solo act.

A scampering mouse brought down the house
with clicking castanets.
A dashing cat in tux and spats
matched her step for step.

Don, the coyote, high on peyote,
tilted at tumbleweeds.
His faithful squire sings even higher
recounting their nightly deeds.

Pink elephant Zach did a magic act,
vanished inside his trunk.
And a skunk named Spence made little scents,
his act really stunk!

A piercing shriek from an eagle’s beak
rang with majestic force.
The pony just coughed and trotted off,
he was a little hoarse.

A lonely loon wailed mournful tunes,
it really was swamp gas.
The crocodile was lost in denial
when the judges ranked him last.

The penguin blew on a blue kazoo
as cool as polar ice.
But possum Pete really brought the heat,
playing live with jazzy spice.

A portly pig danced a reeling jig,
dizzy from too much wine,
while a tipsy pug played whiskey jug,
they both were feeling fine.

The trumpeter swan saluted the dawn,
the crowd got up on their toes.
A round of applause, and then a pause,
as taps brought the show to a close.

The man in the moon sank in a swoon
exhausted by the fun.
His beaming grin still lingered within,
delighted the night was done.

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