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Zoological Nonsense

The Animal Talent Show

The man in the moon woke full in June,
roused by a ruckus below.
He rose in a rush at the sun’s last blush
and beamed at the animal show.

A chattering jay hopped up on stage,
to announce each act to come.
A line of seals and conger eels
started things off with drums.

A mynah bird could soon be heard
leading a call and response.
But yodeling Willa, the big gorilla,
sings anything she wants!

Bossy cow Belle sounded just swell,
clanging along with the score,
tapping her feet to a four-hoof beat,
with the crowd calling for more.

The hummingbirds forgot the words,
so they hummed a couple of bars.
And the anemone hit a high ‘C’
in hopes of becoming a star.

A deep-voiced bloke with a froggy croak
pulls bass notes from a sac.
Hyenas laugh at the droll giraffe
doing a stand-up act.

A piercing shriek from an eagle’s beak
rang with majestic force.
The pony just coughed and trotted off,
he was a little hoarse.

A boa named Dale warmed up with scales,
then pumped out a squeezebox tune.
And a punk-rock fox with scarlet locks
howled for the man in the moon.

The monkey troupe juggles hula hoops,
a curious looking skit,
and the pounding prance of a hippo dance
shakes things up a bit.

Rory O’Brien, the dandy lion,
pirouettes with pride.
And Gnick the gnu, in a pink tutu
follows his every stride.

The audience flips, and cheers for Skip,
the acrobatic yak,
and the parakeets exchange retweets
in a double solo act.

Pink elephant Zach did a magic act,
vanished inside his trunk.
And a skunk named Spence made little scents,
his act really stunk!

A scampering mouse brought down the house
with clicking castanets.
A dashing cat in tux and spats
matched her step for step.

The trumpeter swan saluted the dawn,
the crowd got up on their toes.
A round of applause, and then a pause,
as taps brought the show to a close.

The man in the moon sank in a swoon
exhausted by the fun.
His beaming grin still lingered within,
delighted the night was done.

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