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Global politics inspired the struggle between opposites causing death. Life is our TRUST.
You’re all a bunch of crooks, you’re all on the take.
You’ve all made decisions, to line your pockets.
You’re all disingenuous, wearing your pseudo facades.
I state my case, based upon the lack of progress.
The people’s lives are sacred, within our mutual care.
It then stands to reason, that you’ve lost your reason.
Our lives are priceless, their worth beyond any measure.

The trust owes no one, Debt is a false pursuit.
Brought about by inequality, born from out of hate.
When will you all see? That our lives are precious?
You serve by our will, Born from out of love.
You’re all a bunch of crooks, you’re all on the take.
You’ve not seen reason, time after time.
Again, and again, over, and over.

Back to the top and repeat…

At the end have a record of Luciano singing with his voice skipping saying over and over. FADE OUT.

Inspired by global politics based on the swinging pendulum methodology between left and right, Blue, and red, Liberal, and conservative etcetera. ENOUGH too many lives are being lost in this process, we are failing the sacred trust this way.

Inspired by the opera La Donna E’ Mobile sung by the iconic Luciano Pavarotti…
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