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by Archie
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Recommendations to ex-President

My take on Trump’s sorry behavior is that he is bored and he is lonely, having no activities to keep him busy and no one who actually likes him.

Can’t do much about his gaining friends other than, perhaps, long therapy sessions, but I can suggest a slew of hobbies that he might enjoy and that we, the public can enjoy observing.

These suggestions take into account Trump’s age, his purported physical condition, and his purported overall health.

The rest of this blog is for Mr. Trump, our Ex-President.

Choose a couple from the following list, Mr. Ex-President. I assure you they are going to keep your mind off the foolishness you currently seem to enjoy. If you choose one or more, I guarantee you you will earn an audience.

Here’s the list:

Skating, roller or ice
Drag racing (Drag does not refer to what you should wear)
Skiing, water, and snow
Sky diving
Cliff diving
Parkour, in the city and at national parks
Reading (Just kidding!)
Jaywalking in Naples, Italy (it’s a rush!)
Hang-gliding from mountain peaks
Wilderness camping by yourself
Motorcycle racing
Join the Army Reserves – You choose the country

Those are just a few suggestions, Mr. Ex-President. I hope one or more appeals to you. Be sure to check with your doctor before participating, but, heck, you won’t have to abide by doctors’ advice, right.

Let me know which one(s) you choose.
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