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by Jacky
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2251980
Flash Fiction
Helping Mom

Mr. Green had hired young Ted Williams to paint his barn back in the day. Teddy didn’t know much about painting but Mr. Green didn’t mind, he just wanted to help out the family.

Teddy’s father had passed on and his mother was stretched thin making ends meet raising three kids by taking in laundry and doing housework, babysitting, whatever she could get.

Teddy did a fair job too for a twelve-year-old. It took him three days. He showed up each day with his lunch, a plain tuna fish sandwich and an apple in a brown paper bag, and his own paint brush that used to belong to his Dad. He worked right up till sunset.

After the barn project was done, Mr. Green started finding more jobs for him, eventually bringing him into his lumber business, first as a clerk, and eventually he actually made him a partner. Ted had apparently become the son Mr. Green never had.

Ted’s mother was very proud of him. Not only had he helped out with the family finances after his father died, but he had made way into an important position with an important business man in town too.

She was not quite as excited about Mr. Green feeling as if Ted was his son... until, that is, Mr. Green passed away quite suddenly leaving everything to Teddy!

Teddy was not surprised though. When his father had been very ill, one night they were talking and Dad told him a funny story that involved Mr. Green and a supposed bank robbery. Then when Teddy was painting the barn, guess what he found in one of the hay lofts, tucked away and forgotten.

Old, empty, Tandy Bank money bags. Ted was pretty smart, as it turned out, Mr. Green never stood a chance.
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