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Rated: E · Short Story · Opinion · #2251981
The title came to me the other night. I thought that it sounded interesting.
         Stodgy performances come alive when boring, dull, or uninteresting characters become lively and exciting. How does this happen? A person you have befriended from days gone by turned out to be unexciting; they may have been depressed; they didn't say or do much. This friendship was put behind since they didn't participate in conversational topics that were of interest to you. Trying to get them to join some activities that you were involved in didn't pan out. Their interest level was quite low. What happened as a result of that? Yes, you may have guessed it; they were ignored, forgotten, and left behind.

         Years have gone by, and, for some reason, you began to think of them. It's been on your mind, wondering what had become of them. Feeling bad that you didn't give them any more attention than you did, searching for them gave you a tad bit of hope. If you were lucky enough to locate them, you find that you were very much surprised at what they've done with their lives. You've decided to encourage them in their endeavors by offering your support. The amazing thing is the result of your actions; you're glad that you've put forth the effort. You've discovered talents in them that you never would've expected.

         Some stodgy performances turned out to be dull at first. Your friend practices doing gigs to help develop their potential in playing music. It takes quite a talent to become a musician, especially one that people enjoy hearing.

         To become an actor or an actress takes a lot of practice. To develop a particular role, you need to jump into the part and experience the emotions(s) that everyone can feel.

         Having animals to assist you in the movies will make a memorable event. They can make you smile or make you cry. An action movie that involves animals can highlight their strength. Their compassion is a brilliant sign of dedication and love. Bring on the animals; they're soft, cuddly, and sweet; an asset to be admired.

         A donkey can be very stubborn, but they come alive when they give birth, or when they are rubbed the wrong way. Their stubbornness can cause them to bellow, kick, or refuse to go in the direction they're supposed to go. They are set in their ways; they don't want to do what is commanded of them.

         Old fashioned people are referred to as dodos. I never heard of old-fashioned people referred to as dodos. Just because they're considered dodos, I don't believe that they're stupid, or inactive. There are a lot of old-fashioned people that are very active; they have to get up and go. Some of them have a tremendous amount of strength. They have values that contribute to happy marriages, staying faithful and loyal to their husbands or wives. They have eyes only for each other. That's the way it should be. Old fashioned songs spoke about love; they made you feel happy, like being on top of the world. They brought youthfulness and vitality back into your soul. The excitement of it all entails a harmony that keeps you singing day and night. It moves you in the direction of dancing; a little waltzing, rock and roll, country, pop, and jazz, etc; it livens up your spirit, producing live birds singing sweetly in tune with the timing of the beat, adding a flavor of love that rocks.

         Stodgy performances come alive when old characters enthrall an essence of perseverance that will indicate the transformation from a unique and otherwise versatile display of characterizations into a variety of acts.

         Stodgy performances that have been able to put you to sleep have now awakened you to a liveliness that will move you to step up from your boring life into an exciting one.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Monday, June 7, 2021

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