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a terrible on purpose short story
It was a lovely night in the city, fans blowing,cars driving, weremoth zappers buzzing, and the smelly pile of cow manure. the city had to take these measures to defend themselves from the horrid weremoths. There was a man named Aluwishes he always wore a blindfold at night he saw what happened to the likes of him getting lured to the zappers,getting distracted by the manure, and the police luring them to the zappers. The reason he was out at night was because his girlfriend wanted a romantic night date. When they arrived at the restaurant his girlfriend decided that he didn't need that silly blindfold and removed it from him. Aluwishes was horrified
“WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?” he shouted with fear and anger ‘you looked stupid with it on” replied his girlfriend aluwishes sees a lamp and started turning into a weremoth wings sprout from his back knocking over tables and people fluffy antenna sprouting from his head his cloths ripping to reveal a banana hammock over tights and a mesh shirt once fully transformed he steals 4 lamps and runs away with them. Some say he was never seen again, some say he got hit by a car because he was attracted to the headlights, the only one that knows for sure is his girlfriend.
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