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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Sports · #2251988
Dinner Art.
Give A Man A Fish

Szabo Dean moved the line that was tied to his big toe. He was so hungry, his stomach had given up rumbling and now just ached.
“I’ve heard of starving artists, I never thought I’d be one!”
Times had changed for Szabo, since his seascapes had gone out of fashion. There was a time when his work sold before it was even dry! But critics had turned against him.
“They say I am a has-been and a hack!”
Indeed, he had become depressed about his talent and stopped painting.This was not good for his health, since he now depended on friends to feed and house him. Szabo was running out of friends.
“If I can catch something, maybe they'll stay my friends.”
He felt a jerk on his line. Slipping it off his toe, he grabbed it with both hands and pulled.
“It’s a fighter!” he roared.
After half an hour, he’d landed a big bream. Holding up the fish, he admired its silvery sheen. As he put it in a canvas bag he got an idea.
“How can I use it for art and eat it?”
Going back to the latest friend who was helping him, he asked his wife’s advice.
“Dry it thoroughly, then try painting its outside using food coloring. Press it onto paper like a print. Then I can rinse off the coloring so we can eat it for supper as well.”
Szabo wasn’t sure it would work, but it was worth a try.
“If it doesn’t, we still have fish for supper!”
By judicious mixing of colors, the artist managed to make an amazing print using the fish. Incredibly, it sold immediately for a princely sum. Szabo found his new forte and grew rich, but he still went fishing.

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