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Josh uses a pill on his least favorite teacher...
Josh was livid as the bell rang and he approached Denise’s desk. The rest of the class was filing out the door of fifth period U.S. History, but he wanted a word with his teacher first.

Denise was putting things in one of her desk drawers; the young, beautiful brunette teacher didn’t notice her 18-year-old student standing there until he cleared his throat. She looked up; even sitting in her chair she was almost eye-to-eye with him – he wasn’t quite five feet in stature.

He had his report card in his hand, waving it. “I did NOT deserve an F this term!” he declared. “What do you have against me? I’m getting A’s and B’s in all my other classes!”

Denise looked across the desk at him, and without saying a word, stood up. In her 5’ heels she towered over him, and he instinctively shrank away from her, intimidated a bit by her size.

“I don’t have TIME right now,” she scoffed, looking down at him, “come by after school and give me a good reason why I should consider changing your grade when you consistently turn assignments in late and your attention in my class always seems to be elsewhere. Now I have hall duty so you’ll have to excuse me,” and without hesitation she spun on her heels and walked out the door.

Josh watched her leave, admiring her pretty red satin blouse, her knee length black skirt, and red pumps. He glanced down at her desk, seeing her half-empty coffee cup still sitting there, and he got a gleam in his eye as he reached into his pocket. He withdrew a clear container with several tiny pills inside: one red, one yellow, one blue, and one black. He glanced up at the clock on the wall, his brow furrowed as he did some calculations in his head, and then he removed the red pill and dropped it into her coffee cup quickly, then headed out before any of the next class started showing up.

He headed down the hall, and as he noticed her standing there he smiled to himself. ‘I’ll see you after school all right, teacher,’ he thought as he headed to his last class of the day.

As the final bell rang, the rest of the student body was rushing to leave, but Josh was in no hurry to go anywhere. He was walking down the hall, whistling to himself as he checked his watch. “Five more minutes,” he mumbled to himself as he headed slowly in the direction of his History classroom.

“Three two one NOW “he heard a sudden, high-pitched shriek, and then another, and another. He waited a few moments more, and then quietly turned the knob and opened the door, walking in.

Behind the teacher’s desk, on the floor, lay a pile of clothes, and from somewhere within that pile, Josh could hear those same muffled shrieks. He knelt down next to the pile and lifted off the red satin blouse that was on top, setting it aside. He turned back to the pile and smiled at what he saw.

Lying inside one of her own bra cups, looking completely stunned and confused, was Denise; except she was now only about ten and a half inches tall, and nude. Her tiny eyes widened as Josh reached down and cupped his left hand underneath the bra cup, lifting it and her into the air.
“Josh!” she exclaimed, in a tiny, high-pitched squeaky voice, “I am so happy to see you, something terribly awful has happened to me! I was just standing here and then I felt all so dizzy, and then it was like everything was getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and I screamed, and then it was like no it’s me getting smaller but my clothes stayed the same size! Omigod I am so happy to see you, you have to help me, please Josh, I-”

Josh placed his right index finger over her mouth, shushing her. “Wow, Denise, you look just like one of my sister’s Barbie dolls, except with brown hair!” He reached down with his thumb and forefinger and grasped her right ankle and foot, lifting her upside down out of the bra and dangling her in the air as he casually tossed the bra on top of her blouse. He started to gently swing her upside-down body back and forth.

“Josh, please, help me, you have to help me, I don’t even know how this happened, I…feel dizzy again…please put me down, all the blood’s rushing to my head, can’t think, so dizzy…” The shock of what had just happened to her, combined with the dizziness, finally overwhelmed her and she passed out.

Josh grinned as he carefully lay her down on top of the desk and looked around to see what was there. Denise was obviously a neat freak – the top of her desk was neat and organized. There was an empty clipboard, a red pen, a duck tape dispenser, a container of push pins and paper clips, a sharpened pencil, and a stapler. On the front right corner was a large spinning globe on a stand; on the front left corner was an apple. And on the left side was her copy of the heavy U.S. History textbook.

He moved the clipboard next to her, then reached into his backpack and removed his report card with the big red ‘F’ on it, placing it on the clipboard so it would stay in place. Then he picked up the still unconscious Denise and placed her body right in the center of the paper, and started to tape her wrists down with pieces of duck tape. He put another piece of tape over her bare torso, and then reached into the container, removing a large paper clip. Carefully he slid her tiny feet and ankles into each end of the metal clip, just as she started to stir.

“Uunnhh,” Denise mumbled, and then looked up into Josh’s large smiling face. She tried to get up but the duck tape held her securely in place on top of the paper. “What…what’s going on…I thought you were going to help me…?”

“Whatever gave you that idea, my little Barbie doll?” Josh smirked.“why would I do that considering I’m the one that did this to you.”

“What…how…why…when,” Denise babbled.

Josh chuckled as he pushed the eraser of the pencil gently into her stomach, holding her in place. “The what – I shrunk you, silly girl. The how and when – I dropped a special little pill into your coffee cup right after you got all bitchy with me after class. The why – well of all the teachers in this school have gone home so now you get to be my little toy. And I couldn’t help but wonder what you look like underneath those pretty outfits,” he added as he slid the pencil up, rubbing each of her exposed breasts in turn with his pencil
“Ohh!” she gasped, her voice getting high-pitched and squeaky again. “Don’t, please, stop that…ohhhh…”

“Your mouth is saying stop, but your body is saying something totally different,” Josh laughed as he removed the eraser from her chest. “I think you were starting to enjoy that, weren’t you?”

“No,” Denise protested, as she pulled her head up enough to look around her. “That’s my duck tape holding me down on top of…your report card!”

“Nothing gets past you does it teach,” Josh chortled. “How does it feel to be rendered helpless by a few pieces of duck tape, Denise?”

“Not…possible…” Denise was struggling furiously now, pulling her arms and twisting her body from side to side, but the tape held her in place.

“And yet here you are. Probably wishing you had been a little nicer to me after class now?”

“Yes…yes…please…I’ll give you an A…anything you want…just-no! What are you going to do with that?” she gasped as he turned the pencil around, the point moving towards her exposed breast

“C’mon, Denise, don’t ask me stupid questions now. You know what I’m planning to do.”

“No please, it’s huge! It’s going to hurt me, please don’t, keep it away from me, don’t you dare put that thing inside me,” Denise shrieked as he nudged the sharp point between her lower lips.

“It’s just a little pencil, you use it every day – now it’s going to use you.”

“No, please, don’t-ohh!” she gasped as the point poked her. He withdrew the pencil and sighed as he lay it back on the desk.

“I can’t have you getting lead poisoning now can I? Now I need to find something around here I can put you in so I can take you home with me, teacher doll.” He added licking his lips

“I don’t want to go home with you! I want you to change me back, right now, please,” Denise begged. “I’ll give you an A, I won’t make you do any more assignments the rest of the school year, just change me back!”

“Why should I? This is much more fun.” He started opening the drawers of her desk, looking for something suitable to transport her in.

“What do you mean?” she cried. “You mean I’m like a toy ”

“Like, yeah,” Josh laughed as he continued looking. “And If you try something I’ll do more than play with you. You make a better Barbie doll than you do a teacher, that’s for sure.”
Ha w we
“I’m NOT a Barbie doll!” Denise squeaked. She started struggling again, as he was rifling through her desk. Her legs weren’t taped down, and she managed to bend them up towards her upper body as she twisted back and forth. She suddenly realized she might be able to loosen the tape with the paper clip restraining her ankles, if she could manage to get it into the right position. She managed to turn and pull her ankles up next to her left hand as she silently said a thank you for her high school cheerleading days that made her so flexible.

She managed to nudge the edge of the paper clip underneath the tape and as she kicked, the tape finally started to peel loose. A few more kicks and her left hand was free…she quickly but quietly removed the tape from her torso and then from her right hand, and then slipped her feet free of the paper clip.

Denise got to her feet and looked around; Josh still had his head down and didn’t seem to notice she was free. She knew she had to try and get away before he looked up, but the problem was the height of her desk. She couldn’t just jump off – it would be like jumping off the top of a five-story building. She tiptoed around her desk, trying to be as quiet as a mouse, and then she saw the apple on the corner. She walked over to it, pushing it with all her might until it was on the edge of her desk, and then she jumped on top of it, the stalk of the apple between her legs as her momentum took the apple off of the edge and plummeting towards the floor. Denise kicked her feet up as a second later the apple hit the floor – splat! – and took the majority of the impact, leaving her uninjured.

As she got up, only a bit sore from the landing, Josh looked up, hearing the sound. “Now, now, where did you get to, my little Barbie doll?” He walked around the side of the desk, as she started to run towards the student desks for cover. “The door’s closed, there’s no escape; you can’t hide from me forever!” He started to weave his way around the desks, peering down as he searched for her.

Denise quickly realized he was right – she couldn’t hide from him forever. Her purse was sitting on the floor next to her desk; if she could reach it perhaps she could call for help on her cellphone. She started making her way to the front row of desks, watching as he headed towards the back. She looked towards her desk, and the purse next to it, and the two piles of her clothes behind it, and they looked so much farther away than she expected. She took a deep breath and began to run in a direct line towards her purse.

She was about halfway there when she heard loud footsteps. Josh had spotted her and was heading that way, very fast! She knew she couldn’t stop, she had to make it to her purse somehow and then figure a way to call out. She was only a couple of feet away when his shadow fell over her, causing her to look back just in time to see his hand sweeping towards her. She stumbled back, almost tripping, as he just missed her – but grabbed her purse instead, yanking it up and off the floor.

“Nice try, but now I’ve got you,” Josh thundered.

“No you don’t!” Denise squeaked as she ran towards the larger of the two piles of clothes. “I’ll hide in here and you’ll never find me!” She leapt into the pile and burrowed down underneath her black skirt, disappearing from view.

“I don’t need to find you,” he laughed as he picked up her heavy textbook off the desk. He held it a foot or so above the pile of clothing, and then dropped it, hearing it land with a solid thud. He picked it up, as he watched the pile of clothing moving beneath it, and then dropped it again.

He put back the book and then picked up the black skirt. Denise was lying under it, on top of one of her heels, conscious but stunned and dazed by the book’s impact. He reached down and gently grasped her by the waist, lifting her into the air, her arms and legs dangling.

“I thought teachers were supposed to be smart,” Denise rolled over, still dazed by the book being dropped on her, he took a piece of duck tape and wrapped it around Denise's Chest and thighs then he chuckled as he carried her Barbie-sized body over to the desk, where a glass jar sat. “I found this jar in one of your desk drawers, it’ll do until I can get you home.” And he unceremoniously dropped her inside the clear container. then took some cheesecloth and a rubber band, both found in her desk, and secured the cheesecloth on top of the jar. Then he picked up the dish in one hand, and his backpack and her purse in the other. He glanced down at the clothes on the floor, knelt down, and stuffed them all into his backpack before leaving.

“Where…are you…taking me…?” Denise mumbled, her voice barely audible through the cheesecloth.

“Home, silly Barbie.” He walked out of the classroom and headed down the hall towards the parking lot where his car sat. “I couldn’t leave you there – who knows what might happen to you.”

Denise hung her head as she looked out the side of the jar. A few moments later he was placing the jar carefully on his passenger seat, tossing the rest in the back. As he started the drive home, the jar jostled around just enough to keep the Barbie-sized female dizzy and disoriented. Finally he pulled into the driveway and reached over, picking up the dish and carrying it into the house.

“Suzie,” he called out, “I’m home!”

A young girl ran into the room, red-haired, pigtailed, and freckled. “Josh!” She ran up to hug him but stopped when she saw the dish in his hand. “Why do you have a doll in that jar?” Then as she got closer her eyes widened big as saucers. “Why is that doll MOVING?”

“It’s my new pet,” Josh laughed as he sat the dish down on the kitchen counter. He removed the cheesecloth, reached his thumb and index finger into the dish, and grabbed Denise’s wrists together, pulling her up and out of the dish.

“She looks like one of my Barbie dolls!” Suzie exclaimed. “Can I play with her?” She reached her small hand out to grab Denise by the legs, but Josh pulled her up and out of Suzie’s reach.

“In due time, maybe,” Josh grinned. He held Denise up by one hand as he rummaged through a drawer with the other until he found a twist tie, the kind used to close a plastic bag with. He carefully wrapped it around Denise’s now-tiny wrists and carried her over to a corkboard next to the refrigerator, sliding the short length of twist tie that was between her wrists over a push pin.

Denise kicked her legs but it was no use, she was trapped in place. “Please let me go,” she whimpered, “please change me back!”

“It talks!” Suzie giggled. “What does she mean, change her back?”

“You remember me saying how one of my teachers was being a total b-,” he started, then paused and corrected, “a total witch?”

“Uh huh, you mean, that’s her?”

“That’s her. Now I think we still have that birdcage in the garage, the one we used to keep the parakeet in, I need to go get it. I want you to keep an eye on her and whatever you do, don’t let her figure out a way to get down from there, okay? If you’re good then I’ll let you play with her later.”

“Okay,” Suzie smiled as Josh headed out to the garage. She turned her attention to the struggling Barbie pinned to the bulletin board.

“You’re sooo pretty! I can’t wait to play with you!” Suzie gushed. “You’re going to love it here, I have a Barbie house and tons of outfits and shoes!”

“Please,” Denise begged in her tiny, high-pitched voice, “please get me down from here and I’ll do anything you want!”

“Anything?” Suzie replied. “What can you do, you’re just a Barbie doll and Josh already said I could play with you if I don’t let you down. I think I better leave you where you are till he gets back!”

“Can you at least get me an outfit, something to wear, I’m freezing to death!” Denise muttered.

“Okay, I’ll go run to my room, I’ll be right back!” And with that, Suzie ran off too
The end
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