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A Cheerleader becomes some memorabilia
“I love game days” said a woman as she got out of bed. She felt she was on top of the world. She was not only a cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans football team, but she was the squad captain. It only took 7 seasons, but her dream came true.

She brushed her long blonde hair and looked deeply into the reflection of her deep green eyes in the mirror.

She got dressed in a her uniform which consisted of a light blue top that barely covered her D cup breasts and exposed all of her well toned stomach, a matching skirt that was so short it exposed all of long, luxurious legs, and thigh-high white high heel boots.

Her day job was being a nurse, but this was her true passion. She was ready to cheer the Titans to victory. She climbed in her red Mustang and drove off to LP Field where the game would be held.


Meanwhile across town a tall man with a buzz cut put on a light blue Titans t-shirt and also headed for LP Field. “It’s the big day,“ he said to himself. Josh waited a long time for this day to come. Finally it arrived.

Arriving at the stadium, he walked past all the tailgate parties set up in the parking lot. He walked right up to the gate and presented his ticket.

“Enjoy the game.” the person at the gate scanning the tickets said to him.
Josh joined the massive throng of people as he went to find his seat. He walked through the short tunnel that led to the stands. In front of him was the green field with white lines marking off every 5 yards where the game was to take place. He quickly found his seat and sat down pulling out his binoculars and scanning the field.


The cheerleader arrived at the field and flashed her employee pass to the guard at the gate. She made her way to the Cheerleader’s locker room.

Inside she was greeted by a woman wearing a similar uniform to Tandra’s. She had light brown hair. “Are you excited Tandra?” the woman asked.

“I’m always excited for game day Kate.” Tandra answered. She surveyed the room looking over all the members of her squad. “ARE WE READY!?!” she yelled/asked the rest of the girls.

All the girls gave a cheer as they exited the locker room heading for the field.
Tandra ran onto the field and started jumping and shaking her light blue and dark blue pom-poms to get the crowd fired up.


Josh watched the cheerleaders take the field. He used his binoculars to look over each one. Finally he zeroed in on a blonde with a chest that seemed ready to bust free of her top at any moment.

“Bullseye!” he said to himself. “Now we play the waiting game.”


Tandra lined up near the tunnel for the player introductions and shook for pom-poms as 1 by 1 the Tennessee Titans took the field. After the player intros she took her place on the sidelines. “READY GIRLS!?!”

The rest of the girls cheered. Tandra cued the music and started dancing. The rest of the cheerleaders followed suit as the game began.


Josh wasn’t paying attention to the game one bit. He kept an eye on the busty blonde he singled out from the rest of the cheerleaders. He just needed his chance.


Tandra was having the best time ever cheering for her team. She loved getting the crowd pumped up. Especially when her team was up by a touchdown and a field goal heading into the 1st half 2 minute warning.


Josh was on pins and needles. “Showtime” he said leaving his seat. He walked through the tunnel and took the stairs to the lowest level. Soon he found himself in front of a door that said “AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY” He looked around to see if anyone was around. Seeing no one he walked through the door.

He quietly walked down the hall to the mascot’s locker room. He slipped inside.
In the room a large man was getting ready to do his halftime bit by getting inside his inflatable racoon suit. “HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE!?!” he yelled upon seeing Josh.
Josh pulled a sleek looking gun out and took aim pulling the trigger. An orange beam of light came out of the gun and hit the man square in the chest.

“What the…?” the guy said. Josh pushed him into a locker and stole the suit. He put it on, started the fan that keep in inflated and headed out the door.

The whistle blew ending the first half. Once the players left the field the cheerleaders ran off the sidelines to midfield. Josh saw this enough times to know the mascot’s cue.
On his cue Josh ran out onto the field. He looked around and spotted the cheerleader he picked out. He walked over to her and nudged her in the back.

“Looks like I’m Mike’s target this time.” Tandra said to herself ignoring the first bump.
Josh bumped her a little harder. Tandra spun around and whacked the giant raccoon with her pom-pom. Josh then pulled the cord to open the mouth and positioned it over Tandra so it looked like she was being eaten.

Tandra stepped inside the costume. “Good job Mike.” she said but the guy in the suit wasn’t Mike.

“Who are you and what did you do with Mike?” she asked.

“Same thing I’m about to do to you.” Josh said as he maneuvered the costume off the field.

Tandra got out of the costume and tried to make a run for it but Josh was quick on the draw. He pulled out the gun and fired hitting her in the back.

Tandra fell to her knees. she could feel her uniform getting looser as a feeling of squeezing from all sides overtook her.

She looked up to see that everything around her was getting bigger and bigger. The squeezing feeling became so intense that she climaxed as her skirt fell off her hips. She managed to get back to her feet and tried to run but tripped over her now discarded clothes. She looked over at Josh and screamed in a high pitched voice.

Josh now towered over her. He reached down to grab her but the tiny blonde took off.
Josh easily caught up with her and managed to grab Tandra by the waist. He held her up to examine her. “Very nice”. Then he picked up the cheerleader’s uniform.

Tandra tried to fight free but her arms were pinned to her side. Josh’s grip was too strong for her.

Josh smiled and dropped his prize into his pocket. Tandra tried climbing out but couldn’t get a grip on anything. Josh took his new toy and left the stadium.

Tandra kept trying to escape but was knocked on her butt by Josh’s walking.

When Josh got back home he went to collect his tiny cheerleader. Tandra seized the opportunity and bit him on the finger.

Instinctively Josh dropped her and went to nurse his finger. Tandra fell hard on the floor but quickly recovered and ran for the door. Josh quickly caught up with her and once again had the tiny blonde by the waist.

“LET ME GO!” she yelled.

“What could you possibly do to me if I don’t?” Josh replied.

Tandra didn’t have a comeback for that one. Instead she was carried across the room to an empty jar. Josh dropped her in the jar and closed the lid which had a half dozen tiny holes poked in it.

Then he pulled out the uniform and used his gun to shrink all 3 pieces. He shook the jar knocking the blonde down, unscrewed the lid,tossed the uniform in, and put the lid back on.

“Get dressed,” he demanded. Tandra did as she was told but not because the giant wanted her to.

“Now time for the rules.” Josh said. “No speaking unless spoken to. You will refer to me as sir. Finally you better get ready. I expect a dance soon.”

“Bite me!” Tandra replied.

Josh grabbed the jar and opened it. He pulled out the tiny woman and set her in his palm. Gently he pulled down her skirt. Then using one finger he spanked her until her bottom glowed beat red.

He put her back in the jar and carried the jar into the other room. He turned on the light revealing a bookcase full of tiny women in jars. Each one wore a different uniform from an NFL Cheerleading squad. He set Tandra’s jar between the jars of cheerleaders from the Houston Texans and Minnesota Vikings.

He turned off the light encasing the tiny women in darkness.

Josh went over to a whiteboard hanging on the wall. It listed all the NFL teams on it. He marked out Titans and looked to see what was next. “Cowboys” he said “Nice”

He sat down to plan out how he would get a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader

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