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Lannister Ironheart
Lannister took a deep breath. Death was in the air, even from outside the room it invaded his nostrils with every breath.

"I must warn you, it's a gruesome sight Lord Seeker," the small, fat, piglike man with a moustache and a balding head said with a grimace.

Lannister felt a twinge of annoyance then shoved the man forwards with the palm of his hand. "Just open it, we don't have time for this!"

He fumbled for his keys in his pocket with shaking hands. After several seconds the man pulled out a battered old metal key and shoved it into the lock. It turned with a clank and the door opened. A spasm of revolution streaked across Lanisters face, he quickly lifted a hand to cover his nose. "how long have they been here?"

"By the smell of it, days," Drake said beside him, also covering his mouth. "Shit you could have told me, I would've sat this one out!"

Lannister laughed. "If I left you at home all the time what would you learn? I take it, you've never seen a dead one before?"

Drake's face flooded with a tinge of green and he gagged on the stink. "Not one that reeked like hell no!"

"You," Lannister pointed at the balding man. "What was your name again?"

"Jerome Lord seeker," he said.

"Okay Jerome," lannister stepped forwards into the room. The stench was so bad he could almost feel it in the air. "Did they leave their names downstairs in the guest log?"

Jeromes mouth twitched, he rubbed his hands together and slid the key back into his pocket. "They did, Simon and Frederick Smith."

"clearly fake," Drake cut in. "Any ID on record?"

"ID?" Jerome looked puzzled.

"Yea, you know. Driving licence, sector permit, something with their God damn names on!"

Jerome shook his meaty head. "This establishment is not one with a high reputation. Not asking for identification is a reason people come here."

Two men laying sprawled over the double bed. Both of them were naked, both were holding thick knives and a pool of red had soaked the bed around them. They were bleeding from several different stab wounds on each others chests. Lannisters nose upturned slightly at the sight of them.

"damn...did they kill each other?" Drake said, still holding a hand up to his nose.

Lannister looked at the bodies thoughtfully. His long black hair flowed down either side of his face like water. "So it would seem."

"How?" Drake looked down at the bodies in shock.

"I have an idea, but it is not confirmed yet." Lannister turned to Jerome. "Do you have security footage?"

Jerome shook his head, but wouldn't look either of the seekers in the eye. He looked nervous, and shifted his weight constantly from one foot to the other.

"you might not have security footage, but you do have a recording don't you my short bald friend?" Lannister slapped a hand down on his shoulder and shook him like they were old friends meeting after a long time.

Jerome shook his head again, this time, furiously. He looked scared and backed up a few steps towards the door.

"As if this place weren't bad enough we've got Humpty Dumpty here filming the shit too!" Drake said, and took a step towards him. Jerome looked even more petrified, his eyes darted to the door but Drake moved again to stand in front of it.

"All right I'll show you. Just please don't send me to the pit! I can't go back," his voice was quivering and whiny. A thin sheen of sweat began to collect on his forehead.

Lannister glared at him with ice cold blue eyes and nodded in agreement. This seemed to settle Jerome a little, but not much. He quickly turned, held out a small, meaty claw for a hand and ran the tips of his fingers down the white wall. It buzzed like a lock opening, then a small square section of the wall slid open revealing a tiny camera inside the concrete. Jerome hastily fumbled with the USB attached to the side of it. He tugged a few times and the USB popped straight off. Jerome turned with a satisfied look on his face and handed it to Cuthbert.

Drake shook his head at the sight of the wall. "You sick fucker!"

"It's not sick," Jerome smiled at Drake, somehow making him look even more creepy than he did. "It's business! Pay to fuck in my hotel, I'll make a bit of profit off the show!"

"Yea well one day someones gonna see their big hairy ass on the silver screen and come knocking on your door!" Drake laughed.

The small man shook his head again, this time slower as if he had made some sort of mistake. "They know! All of them know,"

"And they let you do this!"

"Most of the time yes, the ones who dont, they get filmed anyway," Jerome smirked and laughed quietly to himself.

"You must have had plenty of violence in this hotel, tell me why you thought this one deserved my attention?" Lannister said coldly.

Jerome didn't reply, he only handed the USB to him. Lannister took it and slid the metal connection into the slot at the back of his neck. This device was large and crude, usually memory sticks of this fashion were a lot smaller.

Lannisters eyes flashed momentarily then looked distant, as if he were focusing on something far away. Images flashed in front of him, the two men, stumbled into the room laughing. A woman with black hair, pale skin and beautiful eyes joined them. Another flicker of light and the image morphed, the men were naked, kissing and grabbing at each other hungrily, but somehow they looked frightened, or horrified. The image changed again, the men were kneeling on the bed facing each other, both had knives in their hands, they looked distant, like they weren't really there. The woman was laying between them, bare chested and smiling showing white teeth. It was a beautiful smile, but demented at the same time. A second later the men were hacking, slashing, cutting each other, their knives dug into flesh and cracked through bone. Neither of them screamed they just carried on hacking. The woman laughed and cried out in enjoyment as blood sprayed onto her face and chest. Another flash and she was gone, the men were laying down, dead.

Lannister reached around and yanked out the memory stick. He realised he was breathing heavily. He looked around, Drake and Jerome were both staring at him. "What is it?" Drake asked.

Lannister handed the memory stick to him. "Who is the girl?"

"I don't know I've never seen her before. She has never been here. I didn't even see her come in." Jerome spluttered.

Lannister shoved a hand forward and gripped him by the throat. He lifted him off of the floor and slammed him back against the wall. "Don't play games with me, I want to know who the girl is now!"

Jerome kicked his feet and struggled against his grip. He spluttered and fought against lannister but he was too strong. "I don't know who she is I swear!" He wheezed.

Lannister dropped him like a sack of filth. He gasped in air and rubbed his throat.

"Holy shit, what the hell is that?" Drake gasped as he also ya ked the memory stick away from him, cutting off the images as quickly as they'd started.

Lannister shook his head. "I don't know yet, but I have an idea, call it in, we need to leave."

Lannister started out of the room, Drake followed leaving Jerome whimpering on the floor clutching his throat. Once out in the long hallway they walked towards towards the elevator at the end of the hall. The hotel really was a seedy place filled with all manner of depravity. Every door they passed sounds could be heard from within, mostly groans, some screams that were a mixture of pleasure and pain. One door banged suddenly as they passed as if something or someone had been thrown at it. They both waited anxiously for the elevator which pinged open.

"Don't judge too harshly," lannister said noticing the disdain on his face. "This city is filled with misery. At least the people behind those doors aren't taking it out on someone that doesn't want it."

Drake nodded, still feeling violated. "What was that back there?"

"I dont have all the facts yet. We will speak, just not here,"

The elevator doors opened onto the ground floor. Lannister went to step out, but the woman they had just seen from the video stood blocking the exit. Her black hair shimmered in the dim light. She was glaring at them with stunning blue eyes. Lannister went for his gun, but the girl threw her hand down, and he realised he couldn't move. It was like someone had tightened and elastic band around his brain.

"What do you want? After all this time why now?" Lannister growled. The girl just looked at him, expressionless.

It wasn't until the cold steel of another weapon touched the back of his head did he realise what was happening. Lannister strained his neck to look behind him. Drake stood with fire in his eyes.

"I'm sorry!" Drake grunted, and pulled the trigger. Lannister gave a slight look of surprise, just before the side of his face exploded outwards. He was dead before he hit the floor.

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