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Sunil goes into a desolated house, will he come out ?
“What was the need for you to instigate him ? “ Abha’s irritation from the wait was clearly evident in her voice.
“I was just trying to have some fun “ Arun attempted to defend his dare to Sushil to go into the desolate house and stay in it for at least an hour .
“You could have said 5 minutes” Abha stared at Arun even more irritated by his attempt to defend himself “ But you had to choose one hour . “
It was 15 minutes since Sunil was in and had refused to come out before one hour when called .

“Please call him out, I am not liking the feel of this place .” Abha demanded pointing to the mobile in Arun’s hand.

“Abha, we have a problem .”
Abha looked up surprised hearing the seriousness in his voice. “What is it ?”
“His phone is switched off .”
“Damn you guys and your egos” Abha slammed a hand to her head in anger .
“Let’s go in and get him out .” Abha rose from the pavement she was sitting on .

Walking through the ajar door, they looked around the place covered in cobwebs and filled with broken furniture.
“This place is giving me creeps” Abha made her displeasure clear before calling out “Sunil you have proven your bravery, let’s go please”
“Sunil man, you won let's go “ Arun too followed. But got no response.

“Arun . “ Abha shrieked from one of the corners of the room . Arun made his way hastily to where she was standing .
“What ..What happened ? “ Arun had not just completed his question when he realized what Abha was staring at.
A painting of Sunil on a huge life size canvas wearing what he had worn today with his phone to his ears. His bag was lying on the floor next to the painting.

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